Ted Cruz/Cartoonish or Sinister?

Why would I find someone scary who sounds
like Elmer Fudd and looks the tiniest bit like Woody Woodpecker, but I do? (OK,
maybe it’s not Elmer Fudd he sounds like, but his speech has a certain nasal,
whiny quality that sounds like someone. Who is that?) I’m talking about Ted
Cruz. Here is a man with degrees from Princeton and Harvard who is trying to
speak to his constituents like he is “everyman”. They’re buying it, it seems
because he is not speaking like the lawyer, Senator, and arrogant man that he
is. He is speaking to them as if he is just plain folks. Do any of us really
believe that he would ever need to use the Affordable Care Act for his health
insurance? His constituents are letting him whip up their emotions about a
topic for which the pump has already been primed by years of Republican
rhetoric against the ACA. The real work has already been done. Apparently, in
spite of his bona fides, he knows how to talk “middle class speak” and pretend
that he is one with his constituents who may not all be as well educated and
economically comfortable as they appear. These folks are angry because they
were defeated in two elections, their pride is hurt, and they have just enough
power in the House of Representatives to keep them hopeful. This recipe of a
wounded citizenry and a smarmy demagogue is a recipe for disaster.

When commentators ask what the Republican
base wants and what they see in Ted Cruz, the newest answer is “purity”. They
want their politicians to be “pure”. Yikes! What does that mean and where have
we heard this before? Oh, I know where we heard it. It was in German just
before Hitler stomped all over Europe. I don’t want to go “there” because ”there”
is what got me writing in the first place. That was back when Republicans
(Glenn Beck in particular) were comparing Obama to Hitler because of his
ability to attract multitudes to his speeches. But what else would one think of
when one (very strange) man wants things “his way or the highway” for our
entire nation? I will only make this frightening connection once. I will hope,
however, that every American keeps an eye on the man (the Canadian man) and
that if the characterization I have hinted at fits, then I hope that everyone
will give this man a wide berth, and never, ever let him govern America.

When anyone asks Sheldon Cooper (The Big
Bang Theory) if he’s crazy he says, “I’m not, my mother had me tested.” Did Ted
Cruz’s mom have him tested? If you don’t agree that he looks something like
Woody Woodpecker then perhaps you can see a resemblance to Napoleon.


This is the view from the cheap seats.

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