About me

I am Nancy Brisson, author of the articles on this website. I grew up as the second child in a big family (2 parents, 8 children). I have 5 sisters, two brothers – an embarrassment of riches, at least in terms of family. In terms of finances we were quite poor, but our family got along well together and we still do. Is this better than wealth? I don’t know, but it’s pretty darn good. My mom lived to enjoy her 100th birthday.


In spite of our poverty I always assumed that I would go to college and I did. Any hardships this might have created for my family did not really get through to me. I did not mean to be selfish, although I was, perhaps, oblivious. I earned a BA degree in English from SUNY Potsdam and I was an Assistant Professor for SUNY for most of my teaching career. I took a sabbatical leave from teaching and attended the University of Arizona at Tucson where I earned a Masters of Education degree. I came back and carried on with my teaching position until I retired.

I am fortunate to feel connected to a very large, extended family and I am certainly not the only family member with multiple degrees these days. The trajectory of our family has led to many success stories. We are a proud American family, although we do not necessarily all have the same politics.

I am somewhat bookish still and enjoy academic pursuits. I also respond to the beauty that presents itself at unexpected moments and that makes life profound; that is the antidote that counters the often tragic events that also accompany our lives here on Earth. I wish that you will enjoy at least some of the articles on this website and come back from time to time to see what else I have to say.