Because Bathtubs and the Family’s Toddlers are Delightful

Bathtub Sonnet II

Oh White Oblong, you Plaything for young Gods,
The rubber duckies, boats, and washcloths ride
Your tepid tides with pleasant dips and nods.
Inert with promise of caprice, you bide.

From meal or play at tub-side we arrive,
His toddler tummy Buddha-round and sweet,
His skin pure silk, small fingers reach and strive.
Now set midstream, up pop the chubby feet.

My slippery seal cavorts with giddy glee,
Toes curl, hands splash, drops fly, cheeks gleam, eyes smile,
As ducks collide, boats dive on stormy sea.
To shock from tears, I dunk his head with style.

Then wrap in loopy towel to dry and hug,
Dip nose to nape, breathe innocence, air drug.

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