Search for candance bushnellSearch for janet evanovichSearch for sophie kinsellaI’m talking about the guilty pleasures of “Chick Lit”. I have had so much fun reading “Chick Lit”. It is light and hip and very refreshing, remarkable like the Chiclet gum.

If you haven’t read Sophie Kinsella’s books and you fell like popping a bon-bon, read the Shoppaholic books, Twenties Girl is also fun. I just finished The Fixer Upper by Mary Kay Andrews, also enjoyable.

A few other titles:

Mercury in Retrograde by Paula Froelich

The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell

Or just type Chick Lit into the Amazon “go” line, tell it you want books you’ll get a great reading list

The Bridget Jones books were probably among the first “chick lit”

Anything by Janet Evanovitch while technically not chick lit, still definitely bon-bons. She had written 14 plus books full of silliness, hot men, furneral parlors, perps, and hand guns.

In this case you can tell a book by its cover, because chick lit covers are very easy to pick out once you get used to the way they look.

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