shutterstock_155562782We were all readers in my family. There were times we perambulated aimlessly, bouncing off each other like molecules in Brownian motion because of the open books in front of our faces. People would ask me about a book months or years after I had read it and I would have to offer a vague summary or I would have to look it up to refresh my memory.

I have read so many wonderful books and, of course, there were always books that were so important to me that I could never forget them and they were adopted internally as a part of my very circuitry. But I wanted to keep a record of every book I read and I never really found the time or dedication to do that. Writing online has given me a format for keeping track of the books that I read that I have found useful. I write about books to help me remember what I read, but my thoughts are available to you, my readers, in case you want help deciding whether a book suits you or not. My reviews also appear on

I have also written my own books. See the section on politics to see a description. My books are available on Amazon