The Chicken or the Egg

Cover of "Chicken Little"Cover of Chicken LittlePath 1 – We must work on the national debt.

No more programs,

no more spending.

Until we pay down the debt we should not even have

spending for jobs and the unemployed.

Just cut taxes for business owners and

tighten our belts and pay our debts.

Path 2 – Yes we are deeply in debt as a nation

but we must improve the economy first.

If our business sectors are strong

and if our consumers can spend,

then prosperity and the paying down of the debt

will naturally follow.

Who’s right? I believe Path 1 would appeal mainly to Republicans and Path 2 to Democrats. This is the partisan divide.

We can’t pursue both paths. We have to choose one. Do both paths lead home? If they do we will be much more uncomfortable in the short term on Path1 than on Path 2. Even the experts disagree and seem unable to tell us which path to pick. How dangerous is it to not choose a path, and just continue on as we are going, a sort of keep arguing and let the chips fall approach? Is it a matter of “Chicken Little”, or is there really a “Big Bad Wolf’?

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