Deer River in the North Country

Deer River is a town in New York State but it is also the name
of a river that runs through the town. Deer River is a scenic river strewn with
rocks and dancing rapids as are many of the rivers in the North Country which
were roughed in by glaciers in the last Ice Age. The Black River did not show
its true colors from the deck in my friends’ backyard because in many places
the Black River also flows around rocks that create shallow rapids and in other
spots the Black River has been known to rage. People have died in the Black
These North Country rivers are beautiful gifts courtesy of the
forces of nature which often carve up, heave up, wear down, and smooth out the
topography of the earth we live on. When you look at these rivers you want to
hike the banks and follow them along to see where they go and what they do.
Native Americans may have done this but we really can’t because the land that
verges on the river is often private property or may not be accessible or may
offer dangers which would not be acceptable to risk in these times.

We may, upon looking at these rivers, dredge up our earth
science facts about the actions of flowing water on soil, gravel, stones, rocks,
and strata of rocks as we once again contemplate the power of water erosion to
fashion these scenic, fish-filled, occasionally recreational, and almost always
beautiful channels such as the examples in these photos of the Deer River. Even
with my minimal photographic skills the Deer River is pretty photogenic.

By Nancy Brisson

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