Eco Terrorism?

I am no longer a trusting soul, although I used to be. I always seem to imagine the worst. I am a suspicious and skeptical person these days. I see two environmental nightmares occurring in very close proximity. I recall that we elected a president who said he wanted to lessen our dependence on foreign oil. Most Americans seemed to agree with this. When Obama said he wanted to use a mix of different approaches to beef up domestic energy sources he started to lose voters here and there. He mentioned nuclear. Some voters are staunchly against increasing the use of nuclear energy. Clean coal – some voters believe there is no such thing. Increase offshore drilling – another group of supporters makes it clear they do not back this strategy. At least Obama never seemed in favor of drilling in ANWR. We do have a dilemma that speaks to what our economy will be like in the future, how much we will be able to produce in the future, and how we will keep our preeminent place in world politics if our economy doesn’t stack up.
I can’t help wondering if, perhaps, these terrible “energy-related” accidents could be the work of some eco-terrorist group who wants to block Obama’s homegrown energy program because they think he’s wrong. Instead of telling him he’s wrong, maybe they decided he needed a demonstration. If this isn’t people trying to make their point, then maybe the cosmos is having its say. The American energy problem still remains, unsolved and very real. We may still have to use some of these very dangerous technologies unless we can come up with some kind of global energy clearinghouse that shares and rations the world’s resources and thus, effectively, takes energy out of the power equation. I wish we could do that before we have nothing left that can fly, swim, or sing.
Can you be cynical and idealistic at the same time. Apparently. But, I guess, at the very least these thoughts officially add me to the ranks of the “nutburgers.”

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