Feel Your Way

E. S. Curtis (1904): Canon de Chelly – Navajo....Image via WikipediaThe universe is the trickster – the Navajo’s certainly have that right. It is a master of sleight-of-hand. Look over here, something will happen over there. Take the overview, something will begin on the “down low.” Never take too long to breathe your sigh of relief, always expect the unexpected. We humans don’t like this uncertainty. We like to be able to predict, to plan, to put a plan into action, to succeed and when successful to enjoy our success for a long, long time (like forever). Sometimes this happens. Sometimes, however, when a person, or a family, or a country get to feeling comfy and complacent, there is a zap!

They tell you you have a pension for the rest of your life and then, zap, they take it away, or they want to take it away.

They tell you you have a job and then jobs go away.

They praised you for being such a hard worker. You were a success. Now they imply it’s your fault that you don’t have a job.

It’s just the universe. It’s big. If it has a plan that plan is too vast to comprehend. To us it looks like some kind of randomized chaos.

Who are “they”? Are “they” susceptible to the same uncertainties as us. Probably, although they seem invincible the “they” we refer to keeps changing. I’m guessing there is no way to prepare for all uncertainty. Sometimes a savings account just isn’t enough. Sometimes our religious beliefs just don’t seem like enough. We just have to “feel” our way through life and rely on each other.

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