Yesterday we had lunch at Francesca’s Cucina in Syracuse. Francesca’s is a wonderful place. It has great food and the ambience is both warm and modern without being overdone. Music is from the Great American Songbook for the most part.

But the real reason I want to write about Francesca’s is because they offer something even better than ambience. They are committed to serving their customers. My friends had relatives visiting from Luxembourg. Their plane was due to arrive in Syracuse from NYC at 1:45. The restaurant does not serve lunch after 2;30 pm. They told my friends that as long as their party was in the restaurant at 2:30 they would be served. I think our whole party finally assembled at 2:25. Francesca’s staff were as good as their word. They served us and we had the entire menu to chose from. We were there until 4 pm and we never felt that they were impatient for us to leave. We enjoyed the same relaxed and delicious lunch we would have enjoyed if we arrived at noon.

The point of my praise is not to encourage parties to start scheduling late lunches at Francesca’s but it is meant to show that they are true restaurant professionals.

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