A Great Consumer

These are the technological “gadgets” that I cannot afford but might like to have if I could:

Nintendo DS or DSi
Apple Tablet or iPad
iPhone with calling plan
iPod with charging dock
Digital Camera
3G/4G Wireless with plan
External Hard Drive

I would just spend all day fiddling with one device or another and the days would slip by in a daze of electronics and solitude. Human interaction would be totally unnecessary except when I wanted to buy or learn to use a new “gadget.” Well I guess if I had an iPhone I would have to have someone to call or I could just use it to order in, but then I would have to see the delivery person. OK, good, we’re not quite to the no human interaction stage, but we are close. Also I may have missed some things I really want because I don’t know about them yet. If you think of something be sure to clue me in.

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