House Shopping IX

I sold my mobile home and moved out of it this week. Selling a mobile home is a very hard thing to do. They do not hold their value so you are always selling at a loss. Needless to say, I did not get what the blue book says my home is worth. But it’s done and I now have the down payment for my house.

Then I had to box up 15 years of my life and move it into storage while I took my cat and sans possessions moved in with family to await the purchase of what will probably be my last home. It was a dreadful move, exhausting and expensive. I have made a huge investment in boxes. After I get my house I want to lighten my load, a lot. The movers quoted the price for moving and storage. They did not include in the quote the charges for moving my possessions into their warehouse. Am I dense, or do people misrepresent costs on purpose? Probably a bit of both. I am feeling quite dense lately, actually flaky is more like it. Anyway after paying almost one and one half times the quote, I am moved to a warehouse which I will have to pay a huge sum to move out of. To think that once all of my “things” fit in my car —

Now I go after the farm house that’s, today, in the middle of a village, and has a policeman living there as a tenant with all his guns. My little cottage full of guns! We’ll see how it fares at the house inspection.

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