House Shopping XII

My mortgage has been approved. Yay! I am glad, but since this is a 203K FHA loan which includes some rehab money, my work is just beginning. Now I have to find a contractor/contractors to do all the little jobs that the house inspection uncovered, and a few bigger jobs that I feel would make the house more livable, like the entire kitchen, the furnace, the floors in the kitchen, pantry and bathroom. I want to put new windows in the porch and repave the driveway and fill in the holes in the masonry basement (little holes) (perfect critter holes). Before the closing can happen I have to bet quotes for all these jobs.
So I am haunting Home Depot and Lowes, perusing the yellow pages and making a big pest of myself. I am staying up nights deciding what I will keep in my plan and what will have to be eliminated. Please not the kitchen.
I don’t know if I can blog everyday and keep up my schedule of appointments. There may be some blank days in the next two weeks. I like writing my blog, so I will try to hang in.

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