I Don’t Get It

I can’t believe we are planning to elect people because they did NOTHING! The House of Representatives has sent bill after bill to the Senate to help the economy and every bill gets stopped in its tracks. Every attempt by the President to hire people to fill posts related to the economy gets stopped in its tracks. How can we tell if Obama is a good President if Republicans sole purpose in Washington is to prevent him from accomplishing anything? Why would we elect people who care so little about America or the American people that they will not try to stimulate our economy? How can we pay off our national debt if we don’t grow our economy? Why do we want to “tighten our belts” if we don’t have to? If you elect people who cancel my Social Security and then won’t take care of me because it might be considered socialism, I don’t know how I’ll survive. Why would we continue tax cuts for rich people who have not done one thing to help us get through hard times?

While it might be helpful to elect Republicans to the Assembly in NYS so we can see Sheldon Silver take a step back I still don’t think, after listening to Republicans talk, that I can vote for a Republican even for what could be a good political reason. Please don’t go backwards. Keep the Democrats in the majority!

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