Is Hillary a Traitor?

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I can’t believe we are falling for this Republican gambit
again. The GOP knows how to create a scandal and how to keep it center stage
for as long as it proves to be to their political advantage (which is about as
long as the half-life of U-235).

I can understand the argument made by a constituent at the
Iowa State Fair who felt that Hillary’s poor judgment in choosing to use a
private server seems to argue against those who tout her as being politically
savvy. And yet we learn from the media that a number of Cabinet members have
used private servers including Colin Powell. The problem is, however, one of
degree. Republicans have us thinking that she is practically a traitor. They
say that what she did is worse than what General Petraeus did – really – Petraeus
actually shared national secrets with his paramour. Hillary did not share
secrets with anyone as far as we know. Joe Scarborough is once again engaging
in waves of bombastic hyperbole on the subject any morning you choose to turn
in to Morning Joe, a habit I may have to give up because I don’t like to get
worked up quite so early in the morning.

It sounds like so far the FBI has retroactively classified 305
(2, 60, 301, expect the number to keep changing and expect the media to be
aghast as each new number is announced) out of 50,000+ emails as at least qualifying
for the label Confidential, although Hillary tells us that she did not receive,
on her private server, any emails that were marked as Classified when she
received them. Joe Scarborough, foaming at the mouth, may buy that Hillary
planned for future cover-ups when she decided to opt for her personal server,
but that would suggest that Hillary is a scheming woman who lies all the time
because she thinks lies will serve her better than the truth. This merely
points out how women are painted with a different brush than men because this
is obviously a skill we already contribute to almost every man who is a
politician, but we don’t call it scheming, we call it strategizing.

This is what Republicans do. They create scandals and they
kick back and watch as the media, which knows the people love a good scandal,
broadcasts the details over and over. If the meme starts to die out then the
scandal mysteriously escalates a bit. If the party doles out the rumors and
innuendoes carefully the story lives through can entire election cycle and
perhaps beyond (much like the way the press merely has to say a code word like
‘Whitewater’ to cast unproven aspersions on someone).

It is entirely possible that there is nothing sinister at all
in Hillary’s use of a private server as there was no rule against it at the
time and others at her level of government did the same. Considering the number
of hostile hacks against our government computers (IRS, etc.) in recent years
and the exposure of secure data, it could look like it was actually a prescient
move to use a private server. But Trey Gowdy, the media, and, apparently, the
FBI will make sure that no one else in America believes that because that
Benghazi drumbeat is still kept alive and damning in the back of our minds.

[When have we ever had a perfect person in public office, a
person we could trust 100%. Given the flawed nature of all humans we would be
deluded to put all our trust in any President. It is why a democracy is
supposed to be strong, because the people keep an eye on our leaders and call
them to account if necessary. If we have never had a male President who is
perfect (sorry Republicans, even Ronald Reagan) then how can it be that we
expect to find a female President with no flaws? This is why it is important to
concentrate on policies rather than appearance or personalities and make policy
considerations at least as important as more superficial attributes.]

This does not have to be a huge story on the news every day.
The data is in the hands of the FBI. The investigation is launched. We must
wait for the results. Get a grip!
By Nancy Brisson

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