Keeping the Bush Tax Cuts?

Trickle down is not working so why are we keeping the Bush tax cuts? Is this about the election in November? There is an election every two years. If that is the rationale we will have the tax cuts forever.

In the interests of transparency could we know why Democrats (yes, not just Republicans) are suggesting we keep these tax cuts. Are these reasons, however unexplained, reasons that offer greater advantages than just saving butts.

Is this a problem with that dichotomy between the “rich” and the “really rich” that I was talking about last week. Change the tax cuts law slightly. The truth is that $250,000. a year, while allowing for an exceedingly comfortable lifestyle, is not enough to be rich these days. So continue cuts for the “rich”, but not for the “really rich”, the “you-could-never-spend-this-in-several-lifetimes” rich.

Poverty is out this year. When money gets short our governments cut programs for those at the bottom of the economic curve. This leaves a bad taste in our mouths, resting our recovery on the backs of those whose incomes allow for a lifestyle that is way less than comfortable. I guess there is a way to get blood from a stone! Hello, we can’t afford more taxes, we don’t have any money.

The State of NY cancelled the sales tax break on clothing costing less than $110. Who do you think this tax is aimed at? If you don’t tax those at the top, you will have to nickel and dime the people at the bottom. Shameful.

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