The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Tea Party candidates are winning primaries. I don’t like the Tea Party any better than I like Republicans because they have the same financial agenda. They want to cut taxes, but I don’t think they plan to help me down here near the bottom of the heap. They have no sympathy for people at or near the poverty level. In their every-man-for-himself world they consider us worker bees ne’er do wells and failures. In their myopic view we had the same opportunities as anyone. The tax cuts they want are for middle and upper middle class people. They think their money has been paying for our “comfortable” lifestyle.

They want small government. Since they get most of their support from private, rather than public sources, we can guess that they do not plan to do anything to hurt businesses. They will most likely get rid of social programs like Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. Their entire agenda is about holding onto more of their money. They do not feel responsible to anyone but themselves.

I do not want these selfish people in Congress even if they are part of a populist movement. However, I will appreciate that they may dilute the Republican advantage in November and I’ll hope that all will be well.

While I am writing this, I am watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith, a real love-hate fest which has a lot of parallels in the American political scene this past couple of years. I think the movie ends in therapy, harmony, love and cooperation. If only our government could get some of this. We don’t need less government, we need less contentious government. Put your heads together! Figure it out, please!

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