Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari – Book

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If you want to have someone talk about something as serious
as finding the one person who you will love forever when there are so many ways
for this search to go awry get a comedian to write a book about it. If that
book explores romantic disasters that range from the heartbreaking to the ridiculous,
all the better. If that comedian does his due diligence and confers with
experts who study dating, comparing dating options over several generations the
deal gets even several notches better. We get graphs and jokes and an
illumination of cultural trends in heterosexual pairing (not just in America
but also in some interesting international locations).

by Aziz Ansari reads almost like one of those ethnographies
anthropologists used to write about various isolated tribes (á la Margaret
Meade). Fortunately Aziz’s humor is not intrusive, is usually quite hip, and
causes readers to chortle out loud on occasion. The author’s obvious love of
good food and his continual gastronomic observations add to the fun and perhaps
prove that ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’.

Technology changes so fast that there is always the danger
that a book such as this will quickly turn into an ancient artifact. But right
now it is au currant and you probably
shouldn’t procrastinate about reading it, whether or not you are in the
relationship marketplace, because of the sometimes interesting research, both
informal and more academic that Ansari discusses.

ends with a discussion of whether a couple, after
experiencing that magical attraction of the first year to year and a half of a
great relationship should move into the less passionate, companionate phase
that follows it, or if an individual should just go from person to person and
peak to peak. Science makes a pretty good argument for growing up and moving
into that second phase apparently. Aziz says “But we want more than love. We
want a lifelong wingman/wingwoman who completes us and can handle the truth, to
mix metaphors from three different Tom Cruise movies.”

If you don’t know what it means to swipe right or swipe left
you should really find yourself a copy of Modern
and dive right in. If you know what this means this might be
required reading. 
By Nancy Brisson

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