My Coffee Table Books

I did an inventory of my coffee table books. I am still not sure that they have all been unpacked. I gave a few of them away and sold a few to a secondhand book store, so maybe I’m just missing some of the books I sold. I am supposed to be downsizing but I’m finding that I don’t really like to part with my stuff. Here’s what I found so far:

Chic Simple – Home, Kim Johnson Gross and Jeff Stone, 1993
Vineyard Summer, Allison Shaw, 1994
The Secret Gardens of the Vieux Carre: The Historic French Quarter of New Orleans, Roy F Guste Jr., 1993, (I wonder how these gardens look in 2011 and if some were ruined by Katrina?)
The Backyard Book: Ideas and Resources for Outdoor Living, Tricia Foley, Wm. P. Steele, Rachel Carley, Matthias G.-F. Mattiello, 1988
American Design: The Desert Southwest, Nora Burba, Paula Panich, Terrence Moore, 1987
Martha’s Vineyard: Gardens and Houses, Taylor Lewis, Catherine Fallin and Elizabeth Talbot, (I own two Vineyard books by accident, but both are lovely.)
Slipcover Chic: Designing and Sewing Elegant Slipcovers at Home, Michelle Bell, Catherine Revland and Carol Cooper Garey, (You actually could produce beautiful slipcovers by following the directions in this book.), 1992
The Living Planet: A Portrait of the Earth, David Attenborough, 1984
Life Magazine Special Edition, Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr.: 40 Years Later, His Life and Crusade in Pictures, 2008
Our Green and Living World: The Wisdom to Save It, Ayensu, Heywood, Lucas, Defilipps, Smithsonian Institute, 1984
Paris, John Russell, 1983
Sister Wendy’s 1000 Masterpieces: Sister Wendy Beckett’s Selection of the Greatest Paintings in Western Art, (I asked my sister for this book for Christmas. I did not realize it was out of print. Somehow she found me a copy but I think she paid much more for it than we usually spend on gifts. It is a beautiful book and I treasure it.), 1999
A Day in the Life of America: photographed by 200 of the world’s leading photojournalists on one day (May 2, 1986), 1986
Small Treasures, Raymond Waites (I think this was a gift), 1992
The Art and Life of Georgia O’Keefe, Jan Garden Castro, 1985
Frame It!, the Vanessa-Ann Collection, (Crafts), 1993
Tassels: The Fanciful Embellishment, Nancy Welch, (Historical views and How-to’s), 1992
New House Book: The Complete Guide to Home Design, Terence Conran, 1985
Underground Interiors, Skurka and Gili, 1972
Decorative Printing for the Home: Creating Exciting Effects with Water-Based Paints, Lee Andre and David Lipe, 1966
Mon Tricot Knitting Dictionary: Stitches Patterns Knitting and Crochet, Aran Jacquard, open work and lace, stitiches, patchwork, shawl patterns, furs, woven crochet borders and edgings, fringe, fork, not dated, printed in France
The Art of Flower Arranging, Jan Hall, Sarah Waterkeyn, (gift), 1991
Life in Camelot: The Kennedy Years, Edited by Philip B Kunhardt, Jr., 1988
The Stencil Book: with over 30 stencils to cut out or trace, Amelia Saint George, 1988
Living in Morocco, Barbara & Rene Stoeltie, Angelika Taschen, 2003

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