My Digital Tropical Christmas

One of several of my Christmas fantasies is that I find myself in a villa on a tropical island. I can look right out the open doors past my patio and there is a perfect sandy beach, a blue sky and a bluer ocean. The air is soft and moist and warm without being hot and a delightful breeze cools me wherever I go. I don’t have to go anywhere if I don’t want to. They will bring anything to my room. When I want to go out there are lazy places to go where I can go in my bare feet. I can sit all day in a sand chair with my feet in tropical water. Maybe some little fish will bite my toes. I might spend some time in a hammock. I might spend some time in a Tiki bar. What does the tropics look like at Christmas? What is the best tropical locale to visit at Christmas time? Someday I will find out. In the meantime the internet will take me there. Ah, twinkle lights in paradise!





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