Oil Spill 2

This oil spill is not like Katrina. Katrina was an unprecedented natural event compounded by human error in which a really large city was destroyed by a really large storm. There were people involved, lots of American people and they were stranded without the attention they should have had. The amount of time it took to visit and rescue those people was unconscionable. This was a problem you could throw money and resources at. But our government couldn’t decide whose resources should be tapped. Those people almost died because of what was essentially a turf war. Rescue first, turf war later is the lesson we should have learned from this.
The oil spill is different. I watched on the Internet for 4 or 5 days while news sources said there was no leak. Even I didn’t believe that and I know nothing about undersea drilling. If the industry had not been in denial they might have been able to tackle the problem before it was so large. It’s even scarier to think that oil companies don’t have a fix ready for when this kind of thing occurs.
Now we are going to see those sad, sad birds covered with slick oil and we’ll see beautiful beaches soiled by oil and healthy wet lands suffocated by oil. What we won’t see is the people who lose their jobs, although I’m sure we’ll hear the numbers. Seafood could be quite scarce for awhile. These are not houses built by humans, that can be rebuilt by humans. This is our beautiful Earth spinning in the emptiness of space, our lovely world that is our only home damaged once again by us.
Nature is resilient – it may be able to repair itself, but it will take a long time and we may reach a “tipping point” where nature no longer bounces back.
This is a turf war between government and big business. The Big business in this case is supposed to be an expert in oil technology. Obama can’t fix this. He has to rely on experts. He can throw money at it and people to help with clean up, but clean up will not be effective until this oil stops flowing. The well has to be capped. Obama can’t cap the well. He will have to rely on either the BP Corporation or maybe the Army Corps of Engineers.
No this is not like Katrina. There are no stranded people. But it does hit a fragile area that may be even more damaged than last time.

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