Oil Spill, Reprise

Oil Spill, Gulf of Mexico (NASA, International...Image by nasa1fan/MSFC via FlickrIt was surprising to find myself spending a day (once again) wondering what was going on with the spilling oil. I did not expect any action until August except for the daily cleanup of beaches and sad animals. Suddenly they were going to fit a new oil cap and test it for pressure to see if the oil line is whole or if it is leaking elsewhere. But, as is often the case with constant news coverage, on Wednesday it was “much ado about nothing”. For safety reasons the pressure tests were postponed for 24 hours. Now they decide to be cautious! It’s OK, as long as they will remember to choose safety over cost cuts going forward. We’ll see. Our long term memory is really bad.

So it’s Thursday, the cap has been fitted and the oil has stopped leaking into the Gulf. There is no oil leaking into the Gulf. Even though we know it is a temporary cessation we will take one minute to celebrate that beautiful absence. Hooray! The oil has only been shut off for about two minutes and someone with a Southern accent is asking if we can now end the moratorium on drilling.

Stage Directions: Smack your forehead with your open palm and say, “duh.”

I know these guys are really talking about jobs. I know we will go back to drilling, although perhaps not in such deep water. We have not replaced oil with other energies yet. Let’s at least wait to start drilling until we get this oil spill stopped for good and until the Gulf is well on it’s way to being clean. Let’s wait for the day when that ugly cloud of oil stops pouring from that well head for good.

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