House Shopping

It is April 30th, the last day you can purchase a home and get the $8,000 tax credit. I am frantically (actually kind of calmly) trying to purchase a home by midnight tonight. I just started looking two days ago. I just got prequalified yesterday. My real estate agent is busy today and cannot help me until 4:30 this afternoon. I will be loyal. I have a mobile home I have to sell so there will be a contingency on the sale. Is this nuts? Probably but I always miss these kinds of special deals. Also intesest rates are so low right now. I have to try. I will post about the outcome.


Ah TV! There are hours and hours when there is absolutely noting to watch on TV. And then everything you want to watch is all on at the same times on the same nights. Monday night I had to choose between Chuck, and Antiques Roadshow. Difficult choice. Tuesday night I had to choose between NCIS LA, Glee, and The Larry King Show with Michael Moore talking about financial reform and capitalism. With well over 100 channels it seems ridiculous to have to make these choices. Why can’t things be shown over again and again in times other than prime times. I guess this is about ratings but they should still be able to figure out a way to do the math. I know, get TiVo or a DVR. I’m just not there yet.

Divine Right

The Republicans are still getting on my last nerve. They don’t seem to be doing any of the tough gut work. They appear on TV looking like they are in on the “secrets of the universe.” If the Democrats would just stop governing, they imply, then the Republicans could reveal the perfect strategy to employ for financial reform, the exact mix for health care reform, the perfect solution to the immigration problem, the jobs problem, the whatever problem. They act so reasonable and yet so superior (smug?). They give the impression that they are in possession of the “answers,” that the Democrats do not have a clue and that the horrible Democrats are riding roughshod over the wonderful Republicans. That’s why the Republicans are unable to share the correct answers with us at the present time. Through some kind of chicanery the Democrats are able to hold on to their power, which they shouldn’t have because they don’t know the “secrets of the universe.”

Debit Cards

I use a debit card for shopping. When I returned items to stores in the past, the store usually gave me cash. I didn’t mind because it saved a trip to the ATM. Lately they all want to credit the amount of my return back to my debit card. I rarely argue, it’s still going back into the spending pool, even if I don’t know the reasoning behind the change. However, I have noticed that, although the original debit payment to the store clears almost instantly, the credit back to the debit card takes several days to appear in my account. What is that all about?