Planet Earth: A Bit Tragic Around the Edges

Planet Earth: A Bit Tragic Around the Edges


Watching the fires in New South Wales is horrifying. We’ve been there and done that in California, but I haven’t seen people having to wait on beaches to be rescued, sans houses, sans cars, sans clothes, sans everything. I would be beside myself with worry. We are so sorry for your losses.

Watching ice caps melting, calving, or disappearing altogether at both the north and south poles.

Coastal flooding more common and in more locations tells us seas are rising.

3 billion fewer birds – the almost literal ‘canaries in the coal mine’. That’s scary.

Watching koalas on fire, dehydrated and dying of thirst and smoke inhalation. Kangaroos migrating en masse to escape the fires.

Hot spots in the ocean.

Birds with stomachs full of plastic.

Whales and sharks acting erratically.

And we, most likely, have not seen anything yet.

We believe that fossil fuels are the root of all the evils. Even plastic comes from fossil fuels. We need to wean ourselves off fossil fuels but those in power are oil and gas crazy. These commodities are at the very base of our economies and these folks stand to lose fortunes without them. The rest of us stand to lose our comfort. There is no real replacement yet and lives will be impacted either more or less. With wealth concentrated in the hands of the few most us will not be able to afford alternative energies.

The very cure for the world’s economies is killing the world’s ability to support humans and other animals. The fires in New South Wales are a sign. All these things are signs. It looks like we will not act. We will just wait for changes in climate to throw the world into chaos and then we will fight over dwindling food and water supplies. It’s past time to talk about who caused this. We all did.

Photo Credits: From Google Image Searches – Map-Time.png;; Arctic; Ice melt-ABC-Columbia.png; Miami-TheRealDeal.jpg; Birds-Forbes.jpg; kangaroos-Mirror.jpg; Shark-Boston-Magazine.jpg; spigot-worldwater-solar-technologies.jpg

Two articles in today’s NYT on the subject:

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