Raising Age is not the Answer

Scanned image of author's US Social Security card.Image via WikipediaSome genius has suggested that we can save Social Security if we make people wait until they are 70 to collect. How can we change the age to 70 when already there are not enough jobs to allow people to work until they are 70? This sounds like some kind of tricky Catch-22. It is difficult to get or keep a job after the age of 55. What will people do between 55 and 70? No wonder people think America is on the wrong path. Social Security is failing and it sounds like our government cannot think of a way to save it that allows people to actually collect it. Our jobs are gone and our government cannot think of a way to find more. We can’t always solve our own problems, that’s why we have our government. What will America be like without Social Security? It’s so American. Isn’t there a way to infuse some money into the system and then revamp the system. I’m nervous about an America with no Social Security.

Private investment plans are really “iffy” for most of us. Last year my annuity dipped 38%. This year I got 84% of that back, but it is hard to plan a budget with these kinds of income swings. My Social Security, on the other hand, remained stable. If you’re self-employed you can work until you are 90 if you’re able, but we can’t all be self-employed.

Add up how many years our Congress people have spent in college. Add up the cost of all that education. Surely with all that talent and brain power in Washington you folks can figure out a way to save Social Security without setting ridiculous age requirements which bear no relation to what happens in reality.

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