Sad Chronology

If you have an interest in politics you probably have an interest in history also. It would be tough to make good decisions between opposing views without some historical perspective (along with a basic construct for the future). Apparently it’s tough to make good decisions even when we do know the past. Sadly I organize American history (and could, in fact, organize all human history) by our wars. American wars furnish a chronological scaffolding for all other events.

Recite the wars with me (leaving out battles, skirmishes, and massacres):

French and Indian War
Revolutionary War
War of 1812
Civil War
Spanish American War
World War I
World War II
Korean War
Vietnam War
Desert Storm
War in Afghanistan
Iraqi War
War in Afghanistan

And we supposedly only fight in self-defense. What would our history be like if we were actually aggressors? And how is our history different from that of any other nation except for the names of our encounters? Will it appear to denizens of the future that we went to war for better reasons than other nations? Will human endeavors ever be free of war?

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