Sarah Palin – What is the Appeal?

Sarah Palin holding a T-shirt related to the G...Image via WikipediaWhat’s up with the fascination with Sarah Palin, plucked-from-obscurity Sarah Palin? I just don’t get it. Yes, she’s a real live mom. We don’t get much of that in politics. She has real live children with complicated 21st century lives. I’m “down” with that too. Yes, she’s pretty and photogenic and she speaks like one of us, that is, she can use an informal idiom. She’s sassy and she can shoot a gun.

However, she doesn’t (or didn’t) know any more about politics than most of us do, although she may have comprehended the backroom shenanigans better than some of us, and she is learning every day. Perhaps the reason she understands what goes on in “the locker room” is part of the reason I don’t trust her. She must have had some money and now she has a lot more. Now it makes sense for her to be a Republican. She supposedly cancelled the “Bridge to Nowhere” or the “Road to Nowhere” or some such thing, but didn’t it get built anyway?

What exactly is all the fuss about? She is just another “small government,” give-rich-people-all-the-tax-breaks, Conservative Republican. Do so many people like her just because she is confident? Do they like her politics? Does she have any politics? She does have a lot of good one-liners? Is this just more political theater? She was a ridiculous pick for Vice President. She has had her “15 minutes.” Now the Tea Party is very taken with her. I guess she’s going to have a very long “15 minutes.” Give me strength!

Maybe people like Sarah Palin exactly because she was plucked from obscurity and therefore, it could happen to more of us.

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