Shopaholic to the Stars by Sophie Kinsella – Book

Novels that are comedic are hard to find. Sophie Kinsella’s
Shopaholic series has provided
readers with plenty of fun for a number of years now. These stories are in the
mode of Bridget Jones’ Diary except
that Becky Brandon’s weakness is shopping, not relationships. Fortunately Becky
has the hunky and dependable Luke who loves her consistently and in spite of
his occasional disapproval of her sometimes “shallow” pursuits. Fortunately for
both Becky and Luke, Becky has a more insightful side to her character and she
is repentant when her behavior is over-the-top (as it frequently is). Becky is
a spontaneous person with an adventurous personality and without a shy bone in
her body.
When Becky and Luke go to Hollywood because Luke (a
freelance financial consultant) has agreed to work with a young star, Sage
Seymour, whose career seems to be on a downturn, we are prepared for a whole
new level of Becky enthusiasms. Becky sets her sights on becoming a style guru
to the stars. When Becky’s royal friends, the Lord and Lady Cleath-Stuart join
them in California we have lift-off, but with glitches, many, many glitches.
Before she married Tarquin Cleat-Stuart, Suze was Becky’s best friend and their
friendship is still strong.

Perhaps the generation of readers which enjoys Sophie Kinsella’s
Shopaholic books doesn’t remember or
know about Lucy, Ricky, Ethel and Fred, but Becky is a modern Lucille Ball and
she has her husband and two best friends by her side through thick and thin –
through fun and humiliation. And so, in Shopaholic
to the Stars
by Sophie Kinsella, we get that rare beast, the comic novel,
for those times when readers “just want to have fun”.
By Nancy Brisson

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