So Far Away

I know I already had an encounter with a brainwashed conservative nut at the auto repair shop but yesterday I had another one at the doctor’s office. This woman moved to town from Long Island. She has travelled. She is fairly sophisticated and somewhat well-off. But she is a FOX news clone. Why?

Yikes! I have never encountered such an effective news apparatus. This woman is very upset. She really believes Obama is a socialist. She spouts off about health care gone awry, but admits that she has such great health care that she doesn’t have to pay a cent. She is so worried about losing our freedoms and the government getting too big and taking over everything that she is making herself sick and will need her great insurance policy.

I hit her with all my best arguments but she said it was making her sick to her stomach and she couldn’t talk about it anymore. Well that was OK with me because my stomach was starting to ache again and I couldn’t talk about it anymore either.

How did we get so polarized in America that we can’t even speak with each other? It’s a little bit scary. I think we’re being manipulated, and some of us are being manipulated more than others. I think that woman was the one being jerked around, but she thinks it is me. Maybe if we turn off our TV’s and begin to think for ourselves we will close the gap.

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