Stopping Donald Trump


I think if we want to stop Trump’s big “mo” then we
must fight him on his own ground. I believe a scandalous mini-series, whipped up
quickly and deliciously, might do the trick. It could feature a Donald
Trump-like candidate on the election trail, with flashbacks to the dirty deals
and less-than-triumphant moments of his “life”. It could follow him everywhere
– backstage at rallies and debates, in his fancy car, in his private jets, in
his marriages, with his children, doing deals, talking to developers and world
leaders about business, everywhere except the bathroom (because, unlike Donald,
we don’t go there).
We could show him winning the election and then follow
him into the White House (á la House of Cards but
trashier and less subtle). We could show his policies being passed into law and
the resulting unexpected reactions of Americans (even his followers) and of
nations around the globe. We could show attempts to impeach him and how he
resists them and grabs more power for himself, perhaps gets Congress to vote
him President for Life. Really good TV script writers could get this right.
Perhaps Amazon would take it on, or Netflix, or HBO, or someone with access to
network TV that reaches poorer Americans. Turning his own media against him may
be the only way to change the minds of people who think he actually will “make
America great again”.
Make a series of TV ads that show President Donald
in front of the UN, OPEC, US allies in the EU, and in South America, saying the
things he has said in this campaign. Show film of possible reactions from
famous news clips or even from a movie like Evita. Show Donald in place of
George Bush when the shoe is thrown, only he is taller so he gets hit and goes
down, hair in disarray. Use your mad computer skills.
I’m sure some of you have some interesting outside-of-the-box ideas. Tweet them at #stopTrump
By Nancy Brisson

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