My New Book is Now Available on Amazon

My new book is more a pamphlet than a book. It is quite short, almost in the style of those Federalist Papers that have had such great publicity lately in the Broadway show Hamilton. It is a bit pricey also because I wanted to have it printed in color. My book shows how the Republicans have been quietly attempting to rewrite huge sections of the US Constitution by stripping away the body of laws, amendments and traditions that have been added to it over the past two centuries plus.

You can find my book by following this link:

Title: The US Republican Constitution

Subtitle: A Nonfiction Constitutional Thriller




Google/Microsoft Wars/Betraying My Liberal Ways

The Google/Microsoft wars are heating up. If you buy
a Microsoft computer and you are a person who gets nervous about messing with
your computers settings, you might have to call in the Geek Squad to make a
Google Home Page stick. In Windows 10 the preferred browser is MS Edge, but it
is not my preferred browser. Mozilla Foxfire gets along best with Windows 10
while Internet Explorer and Chrome are just about useless. Without the talents
of the Geek Squad even using Foxfire was a struggle. The preferred search
engines in Windows 10 are MSN and Bing.
Politically, as you may know, I am a lefty, so I
should be opposed to businesses that try to corner a monopoly of any market.
But in the case of Google I am a traitor to my liberal leanings. I know Google
is getting too big and is trying to take over everything but I have a terrible
Google habit that I just can’t kick, so I still throw in my lot with Google.
They manipulate everything with their algorithms for search engine optimization
(SEO). Tough to find the ‘little’ guys, those who have yet to make money, build
up a reputation or a following. They will be buried so far back in the search results
line-up that no one but the contrary will ever find them. Of course, now all
search engines use algorithms and they do improve your chances of getting very
relevant sources right up top – right under the paid ads which appear just
before those relevant search results, and which often echo them. Money talks on
the internet too. I guess I stay with Google because I think they are the best.
Then there is Amazon – as a liberal I cringed when I
read the recent accounts of how they treat their employees. However much they
deny it I will bet that there is some truth in the reports. And yet I love
getting my new wreath stand (or whatever) in one day. Because I have purchased
a year of Amazon Prime I find myself buying all kinds of things from Amazon
like the slippers I just purchased. However, now in the back of my brain is a
screen which runs a little movie in my imagination of a poor soul, sometimes
male, sometimes female chasing madly through an enormous warehouse with only 5
minutes to “pick” my items and get them to shipping. I may not renew my Prime
membership when it runs out, except that I already bought a fire stick for the
TV which I have found useful on empty TV weekends. Oh surely now you can see
the battle between my love of consumption and my political ideals.
In the future I will have to parcel out my measly
few purchases among more sellers, but unless there is a popular movement to ‘spread
the wealth’ I doubt my gesture will do much to change the marketplace. I am
worried that Barnes and Noble will go under, and that it will be my fault. So I
now need to find a way to shop more often at Barnes and Noble. First I need a
more sophisticated Nook. Perhaps what I really need is more money. Barnes and
Noble – I hope you have other options.
By Nancy Brisson