Conspiracy Theories and Elections


The drumbeat of conspiracy theories picks up whenever America gets close to an election. I have said this before, but I really want to call attention to this tendency. I want to know if it has repercussions in terms of who gets elected. How much do these “myths” and the hype around them influence votes?

In 2016 Conspiracy Theories were used to help demonize Hillary Clinton.


Now an anonymous internet figure called by the quirkiest letter in our alphabet, Q, is appearing all over the internet and at Trump rallies. It does not supplant the old conspiracies which claim the 13 families and Democrats including the Clintons are all pedophiles, child traffickers, and even have demonic ceremonies sacrificing babies (which, I guess, is one step further than kidnapping children and putting them in cages with only a metallic space blanket to comfort them). Rather it suggests that Trump is the chosen one to rescue the world from these sickos. (Yikes!) Trump, according to this view, is actually one of those superheroes who presents a face to the real world that belies his role as a rescuer. Good disguise!

In 2018 Conspiracy Theories are being used to demonize all Democrats and to lionize Trump



I don’t know about you, but for me this is a bit of a reach (and that’s an understatement). I do not see the resemblance between Trump and any heroes, from comics or real life.

But I am curious about how well these Conspiracy Theories work as propaganda. Clearly they attract followers. Does this translate into votes for one group; against another; or both? A study of this effect would be very interesting.

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Demonizing Democrats


While it is true that many Democratic Party leaders are nearing or are in their senior years, the GOP also is chock full of old folks and no one seems older than Mitch McConnell. So why are the Democrats having to bench all of their most experienced political leaders. Yes there have been mistakes, but all politicians make mistakes. I contend that there has been an organized campaign by the right demonizing Democrats as one of the strategies in their government takeover.

The Democrats have “stars” but they are so tarnished that the party can no longer rely on them to further its agenda and this is a big problem. It really weakens the party because they have no one who is a big draw. That leaves the party with a few second tier leaders and newcomers with little name recognition in the public sphere where voters live. And as soon as a new potential leader pops up they are a target.

Judicial Watch, Fox network news, Breitbart, Alex Jones and more right wing media and watchdog groups have attacked Dems, especially the women, dug up questionable dirt on them and dispensed it to the press as facts or even just as a juicy story. They have created a market for these stories by making them sound like scandals, and when one story dies down another is released.

Bill Clinton, of course, made himself an easy target, and when he tried to help unfortunate people globally with his Clinton Foundation it was perhaps less difficult to get the public to believe that he and Hillary conducted a “pay for play” scheme while she was Secretary of State. There is a lot of innuendo shouted whenever the Clintons or their Foundation are mentioned, but there is no real proof that this actually happened.

Hillary was definitely targeted and effectively sidelined because she is now too demonized to be useful. And perhaps she helped do herself in because of that private email server but it was the Republicans who kept convicting her over and over in the press and made a basically clerical matter into a criminal or treasonous offense.

The Republican Party would destroy Elizabeth Warren in a heartbeat if she stuck her nose out too far. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was destroyed when she headed the DNC. In fact she was taken out by her own people. Did she do anything unpardonable or was she framed by the GOP? Donna Brazille, interim leader of the DNC was taken out by the charge that she gave Hillary the questions for one of the debates.

There are rumors that Hillary’s campaign people murdered their guy Seth Rich because he knew something they did not wish to see made public. Although there is no evidence to suggest that this is true it is brought up over and over again.

Today I saw an article that said Bernie and Jane Sanders are under investigation by the FBI for bank fraud.

No need to even go back over the negative nonsense about Barrack Obama.

Nancy Pelosi is no monster, as far as I know. All she has done is do her job in the House very, very well but she has been so demonized that just mentioning her name and connecting it with a candidate almost guarantees that the candidate will lose, at least it does in certain states. Now with Jon Ossoff’s recent loss in Georgia there is talk of replacing her as minority leader in the House. While it is true that Nancy Pelosi has become toxic it seems to be only because she is hated by the Republicans. The Democrats don’t hate her. But she has already been weaponized so she is no longer an asset. The Democrats are, in a way, being forced into cannibalizing their own people.

Right wing media starts a rumor, then Judicial Watch starts an investigation to find out the facts. We are told in the news that they have filed FOIA warrants for documents but we are never told the outcomes of these investigations or given any data attached as proof. All these investigations seems to do is offer an air of legitimacy to what is actually fake gossip designed to undermine the Democratic Party by rhetorically gunning down all their best known people. These strategies have been very successful. The GOP can keep sidelining top Dems using these same techniques for as long as people eat this stuff up.

What can the Dems do to prevent the GOP from taking out all of our leaders? Is it already too late? Exposing the bias and sleazy tactics of Judicial Watch might be a start, but one little article will not be enough. However, if we can’t come up with anything original and yet still effective at changing this dismal dilemma then we can adopt the underhanded tactics of the opposing party.

Perhaps the Republican Party has consolidated its power and their true leaders, the Koch brothers, are so strong that the Democrats cannot redeem their very tarnished stars. But they surely should try. In a way this is war and the Democrats are still far more the people’s party than the Republicans are. If you weren’t sure the revelation of the Better Care Reconciliation Plan might help convince you.