Take a Breather

Even as “he who must not be named” deconstructs the America I know and love I accept that I occasionally need to find some lighter moments. A steady diet of jaw-dropping incredulity does not stop any of the barrage of depressing information emanating from the White House Sharpie pen wielder or offer any magical solutions to our current orangy dilemma. So what does one do to take a breather as the world wobbles around us?

I usually read a lot, in fact I am a member of Goodreads.com where I often review about 40 books a year, but I am having trouble settling down to read a book. TV is a great wasteland for the most part. Even if I hadn’t watched every episode of NCIS about 15 times they have replaced the reruns most evenings with Law and Order Special Victims Unit which I cannot watch or the WWF which is also not my cup of tea. I have been reduced, on some evenings to watching Chopped on the Food Channel.

I used to watch news all day, every day, but I can no longer tolerate watching any of the media news people who helped demonize Hillary and left us with DT. So I watch Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, and Joy Reid and that is all. It is well worth it and not just for the politics.

Rachel offered me a new tidbit to add to one of my favorite news topics, science. She mentioned that two guys may have managed to make metallic hydrogen which is extremely difficult to make, and they made it without cooling hydrogen. They made it by applying pressure in a device they invented, using industrial diamonds. What will we manage to use metallic hydrogen for? As with most discoveries it will probably turn out to be both a blessing and a curse. But it may turn out to be the key to a very efficient space fuel. So I find such speculations come under the category of fun.

There are some great movies out right now but it is cold and I have no one to play with since everyone is at work and wants to spend the weekends wrapped up in blankets at home watching sports, which do not entertain me (except ice skating). Eating out is good for taking the mind off the apocalypse, as is shopping, within reason. Music also is quite helpful.

I hope you are finding ways to stay sane with madness all around. Acting like all is normal for brief periods of time refreshes me enough that I can tune in once again to the parade of poor judgment and the possible demise of our democracy, and to my finances which I am worried will soon take a hit.

Perhaps I should use some of my time to come up with a survival plan, or to learn to fire a gun. It is nice to have more options for future adventures.  What are you doing to decompress?

Voldemort Squared

The other
night on Hardball with Chris
Matthews, Chris almost blamed two ‘someones’ for something. Then he changed his
mind and referred to them as “you know who”. I’m pretty sure that the “you know
who’s” are the Koch brothers and I also think that they have threatened to sue
the media if news people accuse the Koch’s of random acts of rip-off-ery (like
ruining the American environment and the air we breathe)  and election hijinks (like buying elections)
without concrete proof.
But it is
ironic that the Koch brothers have now become, collectively, “he who must not
be named”. Haven’t they read the Harry Potter books? Well, probably not. But
these things have been quoted again and again and have become part of American
culture, albeit imported from England (also ironic), so these phrases should be
on their radar. We all recognize that in the Harry Potter stories “he who must
not be named” is Voldemort, the most powerful wizard we loved to hate. Voldemort was also sometimes referred to as “you know who”.
This seems
like the perfect way to refer to these two brothers who refuse to stop grabbing
money from the use and production of fossil fuels while the world gets dirtier and
dirtier. We can’t help but see evil in their plot to take over America and
remake it into the country of their dreams, a country that big business can
plunder as it wishes.
Perhaps the
way Chris Matthews spoke about these two had no actual relationship to the way
I interpreted it, but I think the nomenclature is appropriate and we should
continue to use it to refer to these two guys who have no compunctions about
turning middle class workers into serfs and turning our Democracy into the
company store.
By Nancy Brisson