This is Turning into Hillary Week

This is turning into Hillary week and I am fine with that. My
mind is now bugging me by making lists of Republican claims against Hillary and
it is refusing to stop until I write my list down. I may not cover everything,
for example, my mind kind of gets foggy and daydreams when anyone mentions Wall
Street, big business, corporations and detailed accusations of financial
misdeeds and nefarious political debts to special interest groups. I get the
big picture, but my brain lives paycheck to paycheck. If practice with finance
makes you better at understanding how the whole apparatus works then people
without cash to spare often end up deficient in their grasp of the interplay between
money and power. We’ll come back to this later, perhaps much later.


We also know that the opposition will once again beat Hillary
up over Benghazi. As if it isn’t sad enough to lose four American lives on your
watch, the GOP implies that Hillary did something or didn’t do something to get
these guys killed. I believe that Chris Stevens felt comfortable in Benghazi,
but that he took a gamble that his personal rapport with the people would
outweigh anti-American sentiment. I, for one, do not believe that Hillary would
deliberately hang our Ambassador and his staff out to dry, I do not believe
that she was missing-in-action because she did not stay awake and work
around-the-clock to get these guys rescued, despite the fact that all experts
agreed that there was no way to plan a rescue that would arrive in time to do
any good. (Actually, we don’t know how this crisis was handled within the
Department of State because we never know that kind of information.)

It is possible that Obama tried to downplay the events after
the fact given how close it was to the election, but he followed all the proper
protocols and what do his actions have to do with Hillary? I doubt that they
colluded to come up with an approach, although as Secretary of State for
President Obama she probably would have been aware if events were spoken of in
a somewhat low key tone. She is, after all, a Democrat. The Republicans are
perhaps angry because they believe that if the events at Benghazi had been
hyped, the Democrats might have lost. If Benghazi had happened on the GOP watch
it would, I contend, have been handled in just about the same way. Actually
there is no evidence that Democrats did deliberately keep their anger in check
in order to win. All investigations so far, and there have been several,
suggest that it is the GOP that has misrepresented what happened in Benghazi
and its aftermath. Republicans can keep repeating Benghazi, Benghazi and hoping
that we will hear murderer, murderer but I do not think that anyone believes
Hillary is a murderer (or even that she was MIA during the attack on Benghazi).

Monica Lewinski

Every time Hillary appears at a public venue to give a speech
lately you can be certain that, coincidentally, Monica Lewinski will pop up in
the news. I guess the point of this is to drive home the point that Hillary was
shamed. It implies that her decision to forgive her husband after such a public
shaming points to unspecified but dark flaws in Hillary’s cold and calculating nature.
Perhaps she stayed with her husband because it was politically expedient and
not because she wanted to keep their longtime relationship intact. This is
real, creepy, twisted politics to use this line of attack. This is that thing
that people do when they blame a person who was raped for being complicit in
their own sexual abuse. Hillary should never have to be confronted with Monica
Lewinski (who was an adult) each time she is in a news cycle. The GOP is using
a guilt by association tactic to tarnish Hillary and make her appear to be a
victim and therefore not Presidential. As for me, I never remember seeing
Hillary act victimized.

Conflict of Interest

Hillary is active in The Clinton Foundation and that
Foundation took donations (charitable donations) from countries that we have
complicated relationships with. The conspiracy theory says that if Hillary is
elected as our President she may have made promises to these nations to get
them to donate and therefore she may owe them some payback. This would work
sort of like in The Godfather – I will do you this favor, but someday, and you
won’t know when, I will ask you for repayment (the implication being that you
will have to compromise your personal values in some way to cover this debt).
Hillary owes these contributors a favor that they will want to collect at the
worst possible moment and then Hillary will be a traitor. She is like a double
agent now and can’t be trusted. Nonsense! The Clintons have been in politics
all of their lives. They would not make a rookie mistake like this. The charity
was simply what it looked like, a nonprofit donation to a Foundation that was
attempting to improve life for the poorest people around the globe. Here is
exactly where we got a piece of folk wisdom like “no good deed goes unpunished”.

Wrapping it Up (for now)

If Hillary is not a murderer, a malingerer, a victim, or
corrupt then it seems that if you make a positive out of all these negatives
she is pretty reliable for a politician. She does understand the market and
high finance which can only be a good skill for a President and she knows a lot
of important people. Critics say she is cold and calculating. Well I don’t know
about that, but I think it is better than acting warm and being calculating.

The thing that is likely to make her most reliable as a
manager and protector of human societies, America’s health at home, and America’s
role among nations is the fact, however trite, that she has a new granddaughter
who she would like to see inherit a peaceful, fair, just and functioning nation
among other healthy nations. Grandfathers may care about their grandchildren
but not, I think, in the same protective way that grandmothers do.
By Nancy Brisson

Answering Hillary’s Foes


Yes I’m still talking about Hillary Rodham Clinton. If she
runs for President, and it looks like she will, why would it be such a big
deal? Her gender should not matter. American men make it a big deal because
this is the top job in America, only one person at a time can hold the
position, and there is enough competition for the job from other men. Opening
the position of President to women makes the odds of being President even

It should not matter if we put all our eggs in one basket, the
Hillary basket. It feels strange not to have a primary, especially given the
extravaganza happening on the right, however, in light of Hillary’s poll
numbers it seems equally foolish to spend Democratic campaign funds on an
unnecessary primary. We will, apparently, have a Democratic Convention. By the
time both conventions are over each party will only have a single candidate. In
a Presidential election Democrats always put all of their eggs in one basket,
as does every other party.

As for the complaint that Hillary is too old, I can only say
that some of the most famous women in the field of politics in all the world have
made valuable contributions to the nations they served and these women did not
stop being of value just because they got older.

Here’s a woman many of us revere, Eleanor Roosevelt, giving a
speech in a You Tube video that follows this paragraph. She was not a beautiful
woman, and if you listen to those plummy accents you know that she did not grow
up poor. She had an excellent brain however and a gift that made her intolerant
of injustice and inequality, paired with a fighting spirit that won over even
many hard hearts. Given her unorthodox marriage she probably would not have
withstood the comments we see these days on Facebook and Twitter but people had
filters in those times. They gossiped but they would never have made unkind
remarks to Mrs. Roosevelt herself. If there were “trolls” in those days Eleanor
had time to digest them in private. The fact was that her personal life did not
in any way lessen her ferocious dedication to furthering the causes she
believed in.



Golda Meir was venerated and vilified by governments (and people)
all over the world. She was the Prime Minister of Israel from March 17, 1969 –
June 3, 1974. She had served in various ministerial positions in Israel since
1949. Golda Meir was quite old during her final terms in Israel and she also
was not a beauty. She wore her life’s stresses on her face. Her intelligence
came through even in her years, as you will know if you persevere through the
following You Tube interview in which she gives a crystal clear explanation
about Israeli perceptions of the fate of Palestinians, which began even before
the Israeli’s arrived on the scene. Her people did not care about her age, or
that she was no longer chic because she understood the history, needs and
issues of her nation and her people completely, and other world leaders saw and
appreciated her wisdom, diplomacy, and her toughness.


 As for the pantsuits – a most ridiculous observation about
Hillary – apropos of nothing, I give you Angela Merkel the Doctor of Physics
who leads Germany and pretty much calls the tune in Europe these days. Angela
Merkel wears pants suits. She is not old, but she is also not young. In fact,
in our current culture skirts would be more of an anomaly on a female leader
unless she happened to be a CEO who spent most of her days with her legs tucked
away under a desk or a boardroom table. An American President cannot be desk
bound. Below this paragraph You Tube presents us with a very intelligent Angela
Merkel, who is rather chic in a grandmotherly sort of way, giving a speech to
the British Parliament.


So we are ready for Hillary. Will she be as wise as these
three women? Who can say? And she doesn’t have to be. She is more qualified
than any of the potential candidates I have heard discussed on the media and
more qualified than the candidates who have so far announced that they will
run. She has the “chops” for the job and we should elect her. We probably will
not revere her; we are too much her peers. Future generations will decide
Hillary’s legacy.
By Nancy Brisson

Ready For Hillary

I am ready for Hillary. I am ready to give as much support to her
campaign for the Presidency in 2016 as I can. I am ready to vote for her. I
have waited a lifetime to see a woman in the White House and Hillary Clinton is
the best prepared woman in the United States at this time. She has “paid her
dues” and she has “walked the walk”, and “talked the talk”. She knows the key
figures in every nation around the world and they also know her. She has sat
with these world leaders and socialized with them and negotiated with them.
Do I have some worries about Hillary? I do, but I probably caught them
from the media. I worry that although she is a Democrat she is fairly moderate
and I am not so moderate. However she has to be further left than the
Republicans who are about as far to the right as you can get without falling
off the political spectrum altogether.
Will the GOP treat her as they have treated Obama – after all she also
is not a white male?
Is she strong enough to stand up to the “mean team”?
Does she really, really want to be President? Washington is so toxic
right now a person would need to be extremely motivated to want to take on
Congress in its current incarnation. Does she have the will to make it through
the gauntlet? If she says she has the will then I will believe her.
She has only spoken out a few times from private life and the press
has felt that her answers were not carefully considered and Presidential. The press
has been quite critical of Hillary. Can she learn to phrase honest answers that
strike a perfect chord with the majority of Americans? Can we accept that no
one is perfect?
I’m not sure when honesty became the worst move in politics. I’m not
sure when it became a political requirement that you must espouse the exact
same positions throughout your career and if you don’t then you are considered
unacceptable for office. I get that we value consistency but total
inflexibility doesn’t seem to be a positive trait for the leader of America or
any country. An evolving position on a subject is not necessarily the same
thing as someone who flips and then flips again for reasons of political expediency.
I cannot imagine why Hillary or anyone else would care to be the
President of the United States of America right now, but if Hillary Clinton is
ready to commit to this enormous responsibility, then I am ready for her.
By Nancy Brisson

The Benghazi Investigations


Yesterday, Wednesday January 23, 2013, was the day Hillary
Clinton took her spot in front of the Foreign Relations Committee investigating
events in Benghazi. She also testified in front of the Conress. Most members of the Foreign Relations Committee thanked Hillary for her
service over the last four years and admitted that she had served well, before
they ripped into her about her part in the Benghazi attacks that killed four
Americans including diplomat Chris Stevens. Apparently there are several points
of contention about this Libyan tragedy which occurred on 9/11/2012. Some
Senators are exercised because Hillary Clinton did not see a key e-mail sent to
the State Department in which Chris Stevens asked for more protection at the
Consulate. Rand Paul said that if that had happened when he was President he
would have relieved her of her post as Secretary of State. This was the
harshest statement made by any Senator on the Committee. We are left with the
question of whether reading e-mails sent to the State Department is a normal
duty of the Secretary of State and, if not, why  whoever was responsible for reading such an
e-mail did not pass the information up the chain.

They asked Hillary about the repercussions for the guilty
parties in the Department of State and she said that they were fired. However,
it turned out that all four employees in the agency who were held responsible
were still working for the State Department in different capacities. It was not
clear if their new positions were demotions.

The issue that has consumed Republicans since the attack is
what Susan Rice told America about Benghazi on the Sunday morning political
shows. Was Susan Rice a sacrificial lamb who was helping the President and
Hillary cover up a terrible failure which would tarnish the reputation of one
of them and, perhaps, affect the re-election of the President, or was this the
true intelligence available at the time? Republicans insist that Susan Rice
lied on purpose or was given false information on purpose. There are, of
course, other possible explanations among them that we were told that these
murders resulted from a demonstration because there were national security
considerations, or that no one wanted this event to change the meaning of 9/11,
but the President and the Secretary of State do not claim that either of these
conditions pertained. We also have the tape of the speech made by the President
at the hangar when the bodies of our dead diplomat and his staff arrived back
in America in which Obama did call this an “act of terror”.

Did Al Qaeda plan this attack so that it would fall on 9/11?
Possibly. Did they hope to interfere with the re-election of a President who
had killed Osama Bin Laden? Maybe. The fact is that we have not captured these
terrorists. They have apparently melted back into the streets of Benghazi and
we are left to our conjectures. The most important question remains which is
why we set up a consulate in a city that was not stable and in a country still
in chaos. Apparently we do this to help stabilize the nation in turmoil and
probably because we hope to steer the political outcomes of the revolution. Why we
left our Ambassador, Chris Stevens, without enough protection even after he
asked for more protection and informed the State Department of the dangers he
and his staff faced is another question that we all have and that’s the one
that seems to me to be at the heart of the matter. This is where there is an
important lesson to be learned. We have lost other American diplomats in areas
with unsettled issues. Do we keep putting diplomats in dangerous places and, if
we do, how can we give them better protection without making it impossible for them
to interact with the indigenous people?  

If the President and Hillary Clinton decided to “spin” this
event to protect re-election and reputation if will not be the first time that
politicians have done such a thing. I am very sorry that the questions
surrounding this attack and these murders have overshadowed our grief at losing
a young and effective Ambassador who will never get to enjoy his family again.
Chris Stevens served us well and he will be remembered long after this partisan
nonsense dies down. I am sad when I think about the frightening emotions Stevens
and his staff must have experienced in their final moments and I hope we do
find and punish the individuals responsible. I also hope the State Department
has learned to trust and follow the requests of the people they put in harm’s
way. And finally, I am quite sorry that this situation has somewhat tarnished
the image of Hillary Clinton right at the end of her otherwise stellar tenure
as Secretary of State.


Oh, Oh, I’m Becoming a Groupie

Apparently I have become a political “groupie”. Yesterday I drove into a parking lot swimming in water after ruining a small patch of grass (already ruined by many others) at an airport hanger complex in my home town in order to see Bill Clinton and Dan Maffei and various local luminaries. We all stood in a really long line for a really long time while we waited to sign in to this “on the fly” speech and photo op as Bill Clinton tries to help Dan Maffei get elected. I am planning to vote for Dan Maffei. His opponent Ann Marie Buerkle is an extreme Republican who never could represent me because all she can seem to do is try to try to convince me that the Republicans are right.
Dan Maffei is not Bill Clinton. He seems a little bit shy, but he will still represent the people of the 24th district better than Ann Marie Buerkle has done. Mrs. Buerkle never mentioned while she was running in 2010 that she was virulently anti-abortion and that her main agenda would consist of trying to defund Planned Parenthood and overturn Roe v. Wade. She could never have won in this district if she had shared that information when she was running for office here. She did tell us that she would try to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and people were feeling pretty emotional about the health care reform, so this did help her get elected at that time. She is also a deficit hawk, which doesn’t bother me, but she also believes that the 47% of people who rely on government programs are being turned into permanent dependents who are acting as a permanent drag on the American economy. She believes we can solve the deficit by cutting loose the 47%. She is not for me and her politics does not truly represent the politics of the 24th district. That the long version of why I will vote for Dan Maffei.
As to the groupie part, it is Bill Clinton that I am a groupie for because I like the way he has conducted himself since he stopped being president. By the way I am also a groupie for Hillary because she fought her demons and has conquered the whole world. I don’t think there is one corner of the world that she has not visited. She must feel so empowered by all the things she has learned in the last four years and she has done a great job as Secretary of State. As to President Clinton, the first thing I liked is that he set up his office in Harlem and the second thing I like is his Global Initiative. I like that he was not ready to rest on his laurels and that he has found a valuable way to extend his power and use it for good. They are my superheroes and I enjoy seeing what they are up to.
So I was willing to stand on a cold, and very hard, concrete floor for two hours most of which just involved waiting for President Clinton to arrive. I was willing to look out over the rows of local politicians sitting in their chairs in the front of the podium, behind the people herding fence, with cramps in my toes from that old cold concrete floor until finally my own personal member of the Justice League showed up and we were able to get down to business while Bill Clinton led us in a session of cheering for Dan Maffei.
He explained what we all believed about how the Republicans have acted for at least the past four years and even though he was “preaching to the choir” we did not have any trouble hootin’ and hollerin’ because, even in an airplane hangar in a little, nearly broke New York city, he uses the same kind of energy that makes him so popular when we see him speak on TV. It may be the last opportunity I have to see Bill Clinton in person and believe me, I saw very little of him because I am quite short. But occasionally the crowd parted and I was able to see both Bill Clinton and Dan Maffei. I am including this horrible photo that I took, which looks like both of these men are standing on stage with their ghosts, because it proves that I was there, in the same room with one of my heroes. As to Dan Maffei; I don’t care if he achieves heroic status as long as he is a good honest representative who really tries to represent everyone in the district as best he can. I hope he gets this second chance to prove that he is up to the job. We have had some great representatives. Ann Marie Buerkle, I am sorry to say, is not one of them.

This is the Year America Chooses

Think about running for VP in 2012.
You have learned so much in the past four years.
Joe Biden has been an excellent Vice President but I have a bad feeling that Obama and the Democrats need a stronger ticket in 2012.
The Republicans have not allowed Obama to accomplish most of his goals and they have stolen the whole political agenda in this country. They have support from people with deep pockets and they have kept a death grip on Congress. I don’t trust them and a close election will not do. Your country needs you now.

This is the election where America Chooses: will America be a Business or will america be a society?

Hillary Clinton for Vice President in 2012!