House Shopping II

I did not manage to buy a house before midnight last night. My real estate agent was too conservative. She did not step up to the challenge. She did not want to write a contract with a contingency clause. She felt that her reputation would suffer. I wish she had had a little more moxie with a hint of rebellion against the establishment. But she did not. So far I have not even seen one house, exterior or interior. I did not pass “go.” I did not collect $8000. I know I started too late but I am very disappointed and, in this case, have missed out on a substantial chunk of money. I am more than disappointed. I am depressed and angry with a strong dose of fultility thrown in because it’s over. I do get to continue to search for a new home, but probably no one will offer to hand me $8000 again in my lifetime. OK, I’m done with my “hissy fit” and it really was not the real estate agent’s fault. Some little grown up part of me understands this.