If You Give Trump the Purse Strings (Dark Version)

If you give Trump a presidential campaign he will seek out a Russian leader to help him win.

If you give Trump help from Russia he will win. He will become the President of America.

Then he will want a White House like a Saudi King’s palace.

If he can’t have a palace he will have a fancy golf club or two – his fancy golf clubs

If he appoints all his cronies to govern/rule with him they will fight to be Dad’s favorite, give bad advice; they will leak the chaos.

If he fires the most contentious ones we will get a lot of new books. The new cronies he appoints will be just like the old ones.

If he can’t get absolute loyalty from his staff and cabinet he and his family will govern America all alone.

If the Democrats take the House he will find a way to bring them to heel by insisting that we need to build a wall along the southern border.

If he gets a wall, he will know he can have anything he wants.

If he can’t get his wall he will shut down the government until he finds out he can’t give the SOTU in the House of Representatives.

If he gives the SOTU he will declare a National Emergency to get his wall.

If he declares a National Emergency he can wrest control of the purse strings away from the House.


If he gets control of the purse strings, he may be able to turn the White House into a Saudi King’s palace.

If he gets control of the purse strings, he will know he can have anything he wants.

Trump will finally be a winner.

America and “we the people” will have to do whatever Trump says.

What will we be doing?

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Trump, Pelosi, the Wall, and the Government Shutdown


Arguments about the standoff between Nancy Pelosi and the Dems and Trump have gotten complex and passionate, something that would not be true if we were not in the first government shutdown ever called by a President.

Thoughts on the government shutdown-

Our president never lets compassion for his pawns (oops, people) get in the way of trying to make a deal.

Dems do not want to make a deal as long as the government is shutdown. They define the federal workers who are not being paid as ‘hostages’. I guess this makes Trump a terrorist. We don’t make deals with hostage-takers.

Thoughts about the wall-

The President wants $5.7 for the wall and has already spent over $7 b to get his way, because experts say that is the cost of the shutdown so far. People are upset with the Democrats and they are saying the Dems are being unreasonable and should take the newest deal on the table that offers the left a few tantalizing tidbits,

One, like a 3 year extension for some DACA young people.

What will happen after 3 more years in America, when these young folks, who have never lived in the country of their parents, or were too young when they left to remember it now, if they are deported to a land that is no longer their country?

Two, the President has offered to build the wall (barriers) in noncontiguous arrangements.

The Democrats do not want to pay for a wall at all. It is a symbol of our President’s racism and white supremacy (which he expresses all the time, although he says he doesn’t). MSNBC is showing a piece of film in which MLK is standing before the Berlin Wall and expressing his sorrow about any efforts towards separating humans from each other. MLK knew what walls were for.

So two reasons not to give in on the wall: because the President wants it for immoral reasons, and because the President has taken ‘hostages’.

Here’s another reason, the President is only concerned about getting reelected. This was his election promise and right wing media people like the scary-mean Ann Coulter are holding Trump’s feet to the fire, reminding him he will never get reelected if he doesn’t build the wall.

Trump’s New Deal

These are the things that Trump offered in his speech to America on 1.19.19. There are some things that Trump offered that people think will help at the Border

  1. 800 m. for immediate humanitarian aid (used how?)
  2. 805 m for improved drug technology at legal ports of entry
  3. Hiring 2,750 new border agents
  4. Hiring 75 more immigration judges to help with asylum backlog
  5. Installing a new system that allows minors to apply for asylum before they leave their home country (A pretty transparent way to end caravans but good for young people and children if they are granted asylum. However, will everyone just be turned down? Is this just a way to get this out of view of Americans)
  6. Steel barriers along 230 more miles of the border


Media begins to blame Nancy Pelosi for being stubborn when workers are suffering

The media is beginning to turn on Nancy Pelosi. They are upset that she turned down the deal before the American people even heard it.

They do not seem to give credence to the importance of ending the shutdown first. Are we now in a fight over ‘order of operations’?

The American people are also beginning to turn on Nancy Pelosi. They think she is being heartless to the federal workers who aren’t being paid and that she should be more flexible now that Trump has offered those tantalizing tidbits.

The Democrats in the House can pass all the legislation they want but they know that any of their passed bills are unlikely to be taken up in the Senate. Their power is limited by strong opposition. Winning the House was not winner-takes-all.

Democrats have planning they can do and investigations they can do put beyond run-of-the-mill House Resolutions the only other thing they control is the purse strings.

Democrats would not be in any hurry if it were not for the ‘hostages’. Trump may have no compassion, but Democrats do. Trump is pretty sure he can break the Democrats if things get bad enough for workers affected by the shutdown.

How much of this is just about power? Should Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats who just won control of the Congress allow themselves to be humbled? What negative effects could that have on the country? We already have spent two years without any checks and balances. Can Trump have a long-view strategy for sidelining the Dems in the House so he still has no checks and balances?

Is this just an arm wrestling match with a side show of unpaid workers looking on woefully from behind the President, directly appealing to their only hope, the Democrats’ to throw the match?

Is this really about the Southern Border at all? When did the Southern Border become a crisis that had to be solved right this very minute, the Republican way, with no input from the Democrats? The only reason this issue is front and center right now is because our President made it so and the right wing nuts will not let him back down. (Most people must agree that Ann Coulter and Steven Miller are wingnuts.) Ann Coulter is not even in our government. No one elected her or appointed her to any office in our government.

However, I believe that the Democrats will have to cave so people can go back to work. Otherwise we may never again be able to see Democrats as being the party with a heart, the party of ‘we the people’. If the Democrats let Trump win he may use this tactic over and over again and that is a risk we will have to take if public opinion gets any more negative.

Can Nancy Pelosi sell a cave-in to the newest Democrats and still keep the speakership? How?

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American Government: Now a Spectator Sport


Here we are,
back at that place we keep getting to that we don’t like, which is the one
where the Republicans use the purse strings to control the political agenda (or
at least they try). They have made sure that Americans have heard almost
nothing good about the Affordable Health Care Act and that has been easy for
them since it does not even start to show its true colors until January of

Kings and Queens by pulling the strings on the purse was always common,
whenever the power of the purse and the actual power did not reside in the same
person. But America is not ruled by a King or a Queen; it is supposed to be
ruled by the people. In the case of America, the President has the power to
execute the laws passed by the people as represented by the Congress. But
Congress has power over the purse strings. This power is usually wielded
lightly, but theoretically can be used to force less spending or more spending
as the people or circumstances direct. But traditionally, it has not been used
the way Republicans have been using it since Obama was elected.

The continuing
is not generally used as a bargaining chip because if Congress
does not continue to fund the government then the government shuts down and this
is not at all desirable. After that Congress is required to look at our debt ceiling and decide whether or not
it needs to be raised, which it generally does. Waiting until the actual
deadline for raising the debt ceiling arrives before insisting on budget
rewrites is not considered good politics as really good budget cutting does not
usually happen in times of stress. Budget cutting needs to be done in a considered
fashion and there are committees designed to do just that. We expect our
government to use brain power and negotiation, not threats and insults.

In 2013 we
are facing the unthinkable; we are facing a forced showdown which is shockingly
un-American because it flaunts the Constitutional process in order to try to
erase a law that is an actual law of our nation, a law which was supported by
the Supreme Court (without enthusiasm, but still supported). I do not believe
that the America people want to go back to the health care system we had before
the ACA, which did not cover legions of Americans and left Americans at the
mercy of private, for-profit insurance companies. The argument is being twisted
by Republicans to say that Democrats are to blame if the government shuts down
because they won’t give up Obamacare (as they call the ACA). This is obviously semantics
and does not change who is actually trying to defund the ACA and willing to
shut down the government to do it.

What I am not
sure about is whether the media should be spending so much time discussing this
disgraceful behavior and making it somewhat legitimate and very exciting. Of
course, the media is not about steering political policy; it is about ratings.
This kind of suspense is intoxicating. Will the government shut down? Who will
blink (how old are we)? Will Obama abandon the ACA? (please don’t Obama) What
will happen if America shuts down?

This is not a
spectator sport. We are not in the Roman Coliseum watching the slaves or the
Christians fight tigers for their freedom, although this is about as close as
we get to that outside sports arenas. This is our nation. Are the Tea Partiers
the only people who have strong feelings about what America wants? If this is
true then we will deserve what we get, but I don’t think we will like it much.
Maybe the media should find some way to stop turning the Republican “nutburgers”
into the tigers who will vanquish the slave (oops, that would make them racists)
make that the “weak” President who seems to be all on his own without the will
of the people behind him, even though he was elected by a majority of the
popular vote. Does the President have to get re-elected every day? That’s
ridiculous and no way to run a country.

 Perhaps the media could find a new way to
present the upcoming battles over the purse strings, to at least present these
rogue legislators in an even more negative light than we have so far heard.
Perhaps the people, who don’t agree with Obama in every way, but who do not like
the way Republicans are subverting their power over the purse strings could
find some way to let their displeasure be heard. Maybe I am wrong and the
public does not want the ACA and does not mind if America destroys its credit
so that the minority party can have its way. I, however, am disgusted by the
behavior of these people who are trying to pull off what amounts to a political
coup. Let’s go back to structured government that abides by tried and tested
rules and which does not lead America to the brink of disaster over and over