The Deplorables, the Republicans, and the Media



The Deplorables, The Republicans and the Media

I will eventually get to the “deplorables” but you must be patient while I make all the connections I need to make in order to make my points believable. Bear with me while I fill in the backstory. Even though it sounds overly familiar, follow along with it one more time. Recent events have their roots in the past, as is usually true with all human endeavors.

Strange Bedfellow Reprise

I once painted a word picture of a bed full of strange bedfellows with the hardworking average Americans on one side of the bed with their corporate bosses who either still employ them or who have abandoned them on the other side and as the pillow that separates these two normally adversarial groups is the Republican Party.

Nestled in with those hardworking average Americans are some right wing fringe groups of Americans, the militia folks who turned out to start a war over Cliven Bundy, and yes the haters, the misogynists, the xenophobes, the homophobes, the anti-Semitics, the racists, those who never accepted that the Confederacy lost the Civil War, and even perhaps downright fascists and neo-Nazis. I made it seem to be mystifying that these folks were in the same bed but it really isn’t all that surprising.


Republican Media and the Strange Bedfellows

The ideological glue that holds these people so unnaturally together is what the GOP has been sending out over the radio waves (the radio!) in those Talk Radio shows of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and others for more than a decade. Republicans certainly knew their audience. They did not aim for Big Business, they colluded with Big Business. Their party was dwindling in influence and size. They needed voters. So the GOP through their media began saying the things that they knew would resonate with truckers on long distance trips, displaced workers tuning-in in garages or in their cars.

They began to say that America was being ruined, that America was being downgraded to a second-rate nation; that our leaders were knuckling under to China and at the mercy of Islamic terrorists. They took little or no responsibility for our factories relocating to the East. They took no responsibility for helping to pass laws that took away penalties, or at least did not levy penalties on companies who took their factories elsewhere where there was cheaper labor and lot of fresh consumers.

They blamed the Democrats for trade deals and high taxes and too many regulations, for being in cahoots with demanding labor unions, and for environmental regulations, although many of these measures had appealed to our officials on both sides of the aisle. They seduced their listeners by speaking back to them the things that they said when they gathered together. For the most part this was guy stuff, although now husbands have brought their wives along with them and many single women who lost employment have also joined the movement.

Once Fox News went on TV and said in living color, in a format that looked exactly like news (but wasn’t) what the Talk Radio people had been whispering in American ears in black and white, the GOP realized that they had hit on a formula that could well put them back in the White House. When they added in the Patriot talk, the veneration of the flag, and took to the airwaves as the sole protectors of our veterans American was theirs, at least the white, immigrated in the 19th century, bunch.

I watched them grow their influence and it did look like the waves of grain that symbolize the American heartland (another word they latched onto with everyone sending each other little hearts on Facebook.) They hypnotized America, they brainwashed America and they turned workers who had no work into pod people. They occupied their brains and promised them exactly what they wanted. They said they would get their jobs back and they made sure that everyone could own a gun just in case they could no longer trust their government.

That is how people who did not wear suits ended up in that bed with all the suits.


How Republican Media called out to the Deplorables

The Republican Party has been using their own media to demonize Democrats. Media once tried to go for a balanced approach that sort of gave credence to the policies advocated by either side. The Republicans created a deliberately partisan media that spouted anti-Democrat messaging 24 hours a day. It is probably why the new idiom “24/7” was invented.

The GOP made the Democratic Party the party of immigrants so they could blame job loss on immigrants, especially immigrants who did not enter America through legal channels. They told workers who had to take jobs that paid far less than their old jobs that their tax dollars were being given to these illegal immigrants. Their tax dollars were being given to people who had never held a job or never would, and they painted those people’s skins as black. That is how they fed into and strengthened an image of the freeloading “other” that already existed.

Too bad the intelligence we have about terrorists is not as good as the intelligence the Republicans have about the American middle class. Of course the Republicans are the party that created the NSA with the Patriot Acts. When a black man became our President that was truly serendipity. Implying that he was not a true American, that he was not a Christian, that he belonged to a church that spewed hate about white folks in America – bonanza!

Are all of the white Americans who have been wooed and won by nonstop propaganda deplorable? I don’t think so. Are there deplorable individuals who climbed aboard the GOP train because the rhetoric resonated with their own narrow-minded beliefs? Absolutely. Are there quite of few of them? Sadly it seems that there might be. Do people who are not deplorable hold to some deplorable ideas? I would have to say that that is true.


Is the tribalism that defines the American social landscape deplorable? Will it lead us to anything positive if we are at each other’s throats? Can you make a better future when people are so invested in their own mindset that they want to lash out at anyone who thinks differently? Will dividing America into tribes who defend their territory, separating us all with hate and bile, eventually produce an America that links arms and unites to produce a more peaceful world in which we all can live? How can dividing into separate camps ever lead to unity, tolerance, and the creative spirit we need to meet the challenges of our tiny planet hurtling through space.

The Republicans have exploited our differences and exaggerated our differences in order to gin up votes because they want, they desire, they must control all three branches of our government. They must truly believe that they can restore America to a former glory that has never really been lost. Although we may be in a down cycle right now and recent developments abroad have given us more competition we are still a great nation and a world leader.

The Republicans profess their policies in almost biblical tones. They are trained to repeat talking points, to talk over their opponents, to obliterate foes with data even if the data is made up. They must think that “trickle-down economics” and cutting taxes and getting rid of regulations on business and investment, privatizing everything and building our military while cutting the size of federal government, that all of these strategies are the Holy Grail to reproducing the America that used to be so powerful and so productive.

But the GOP did not trust the American people to understand how successful their policies might be because so many of us do not agree that these policies will improve America. They still had to use propaganda to win. If you have right on your side why would you create this whole matrix of mesmerizing mind games?


Will Donald Trump and his band of Deplorables Make America Great Again?

Now the GOP is the party of Donald Trump who is the pied piper of the “deplorables”, regardless of how shocked the Republicans act about what Hillary said. In the future qualities like xenophobia, racism, and misogyny will not help us create the global society, which is evolving whether we like it or not. These feelings are backward and really don’t belong in a nation that espouses equality. They will only produce a more primitive American, not a futuristic America. The fact that these people have found a home in the Republican Party with Donald Trump at its helm is the best reason of all to elect Democrats in 2016. We need to fight these feelings in ourselves not give them free rein.



What we have here, America, is the civil rights’ battle all
over again but on a higher plane. Apparently Republicans don’t believe that
Obama, because he is “a black man” can be trusted to run the country. They
intend to run the country from behind the scenes. Sometimes I think I can
almost hear that old racist adjective “uppity” being used by certain congress
people when privacy is available (I hope not). They keep arguing that because they were re-elected
to the House of Representatives they have almost as much political cachet as
Obama, who after all, received only 51% of the vote. The percent doesn’t matter
because the election is over and we picked Obama. You held on to the House of
Representative through gerrymandering and voter restrictions. You cheated. So
even if 49% of Americans agree with you (which we know is not the case, because
there were also independent voters) it doesn’t matter. Obama won both the
Presidency and the Senate. He won. You lost. If the House of Representatives
really has enough power to have their way with America we need to amend the

These guys are really American traitors who will not do what
the people want because they have decided that it is not the right path to
take. It is not up to them to decide, on their own, the path that America will
take. We did not vote for small government, although you have harped on it for
almost Obama’s entire first term. We voted for smart government; a government
just the right size that will honor our rights and help the middle class
thrive. You have fought for small government for a long time. Why make this
moment your last ditch stand? You don’t have the American voters on your side.
The party of small government is not in control of the American government. One
House of Congress is not “control”, although you are using it that way. That is
wrong. You are wrong. And Grover Norquist is also wrong; he is not in charge of
America either.

Because Republicans don’t need us to man their factories,
because they have huge new sources of inexpensive labor the rich say they will
not continue to contribute the lion’s share of their tax dollars to the
programs that benefit the middle and lower classes (the now unnecessary worker
class), Did you watch the opening ceremony when the Olympics was in Beijing? I
thought it would be all technology – it wasn’t – it was all people,
wall-to-wall people; people with skills. But these social programs the
Republicans want so much to abandon are the very programs that help keep
America great. Apparently, if we want our social programs we need to find a way
to pay for them that does not include tax monies from the top 2%. But if we do,
and someone from the top finds their way to the bottom of the pile once again
they will have to assume that they will be excluded from the social programs
they refused to help pay for.

None of this excuses their traitorous behavior. They took
jobs in Congress under false pretentions.  None of this excuses their racist behavior. They
have no intention of letting “a black man” set policy for the United States. He
is not one of them and they will never let him forget it. And if you want to
see what they want, look to Michigan.

Send our representatives home! Disband Congress or at
least the House! Redraw the gerrymander
lines back to the Clinton era lines and hold a new Congressional election with
severe spending limits in place. Reconvene Congress. Design a structure that
will allow us to contribute, over and above our usual  Social Security and Medicare contributions,
whatever we can afford, to keep social programs open and functioning. Find a
path that keeps our social programs or strengthens them through the combination
of increased revenue, surgical cuts and targeted spending. You need to get over
yourselves and enact the people’s business or you need to go home. I don’t like
to believe that the Republicans have become traitors and racists, but I just
cannot justify their current behavior any other way.

This is the view from the cheap seats.