A Worried Democrat Ponders

It all sounded so simple. The Dems would back Hillary Clinton
but they did not want her to run alone. They wanted a primary – a sort of pro
forma affair, just to keep her on her toes. She was the anointed but they did
not want her to appear to be the anointed. In fact it seemed as if they needed
Hillary because she was so experienced, but they didn’t really “feel” Hillary.
There was a last minute groundswell for Elizabeth Warren.
When Bernie Sanders entered the race, along with Martin O’Malley
and Jim Webb, none of these male candidates seemed strong enough to change the
course of the Democratic Party’s push to elect the first female President of
the United States. O’Malley and Webb were virtual unknowns, not hefty enough in
personality, experience, or cultural cachet to be any real force in the
primaries. Bernie Sanders was a Socialist, for heaven’s sakes. Americans
shudder at the faintest whiff of “socialism”.
The exigencies of the current state of our nation, are perceived
by shell-shocked Americans with great anxiety. Faced with an economy far less
favorable than projected, there is unexpected appeal in a senior citizen who,
philosophically, has remained in the 1960’s for decades, and who preaches a
revolutionary message that has finally found its powerful rebirth. This has
become a phenomenon that is changing everyone’s predictions about who will be
the Democratic candidate in 2016.
I have found such solidarity with fellow Democrats, all
resolved that we must not let a Republican win the Presidency in 2016. That
goal is even more important now with the Supreme Court suddenly in play. Bernie’s
success is splitting Democrats into the Hillary camp (seemingly growing smaller
by the day) and the Bernie camp (ostensibly growing larger). Most Hillary
people say they will support Bernie if he is the party’s candidate. The reverse
is not as likely to be true however. Some Bernie people say that they would rather
vote for a Republican than for Hillary Clinton. How is that even a thing? The
Republican’s agenda is in no way similar to that of the Democrats. Perhaps
there is a strong desire to be a firebrand, an extremist – any extreme will do.
It is as if there is no middle anymore.
It doesn’t help that Bernie gets such sweet media attention.
The media loves Bernie. The media also puts on a sour face for anyone who is
not an extremist. And Bernie has been nice. He has been the ever-well-received “happy
warrior”; probably stunned and pleased by his success, by a reawakening ‘60’s
vibe. There do not seem to be many bad things to say about Bernie Sanders. Some
say that he has been slogging away in government and yet has accomplished very
little and has not, until now, made much of a splash. But the people in his
state do seem to love him in spite of the fact that single payer health care
failed in Vermont. I have even been tempted by Bernie. I grew up in those same
energetic times when we dreamed of equality for everyone, an end to war for all
people and all times, and changing the “establishment” so that our government
would become truly Democratic, instead of a Democracy in name only.
Hillary, on the other hand, seems to be no one’s darling. The
media rarely has anything good to say about her. They pound away at her lack of
authenticity, they say that people don’t like her or trust her. They say it
almost every day. And some of these media folks are classified by the right as
left-leaning journalists and pundits who should be allies for Hillary. “With
friends like that who needs enemies?”
The fact is that Hillary has not led a quiet political life. Because of her
marriage to the high octane Bill Clinton she has been in the limelight for
decades. She was not just a helpmate either; she had her own career goals and
she got involved. She got her hands in the dirt, so to speak. She was not just
the great lady who told the gardener what to do, she helped plant the garden.
She legislated. She designed the precursor to Obama’s health care plan. She
travelled the world and met the world’s leaders.
Hillary is vulnerable to attack because she has been front and
center. She has not been timid, or held back, or bided her time. She has just
rolled up her sleeves and helped her nation solve its problems. She is
vulnerable in so many ways because she actually “did stuff” and is accused of
making many wrong decisions. The tough drug arrest policy of the 1990’s is the
newest albatross being hung around her neck. She didn’t pass that program
alone. Even Bernie voted for that one. We, perhaps, only see what a mistake
this policy was in hindsight.
Bernie Sanders is not looking quite so sweet these days. He is
no empty suit. He has become a powerful opponent, splitting the Democratic vote
and perhaps even getting some Republican votes. Independent voters find
themselves choosing between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. How is that even
possible? It boggles my mind. I see nothing in common between these two. In
spite of the fact that Bernie is now fighting to be President for real, he is
still not getting a lot of bad press. I am even reading mixed results when it
comes to vetting the plausibility of Bernie’s programs. Some authors think that
there is some economic viability, most have reservations.
Is Hillary Clinton as bad as the media paints her? Do the
people even know anything about Hillary except what the media has told us or
hinted at or insinuated. Is Bernie as spotless and pure as the media lets him
seem? I am guessing that Bernie is “as honest as the day is long”. He just does
not seem very materialistic or in possession of any strong personal ambition.
While these qualities may make him a trustworthy leader, will they make him a
powerful and a flexible leader? I don’t think Bernie Sanders is good at
compromising. I think that may be his Achilles heel. I saw the camera catch a
look on Bernie’s face the other day which did not look at all sweet, or
flexible either. Look up “Bernie faces” on Google Images. He is not always so
sunny these days.
What I am saying is that Bernie Sanders is creating a split
between me and other Democrats who I thought of as my allies against the
Republicans and that this split has me worried. I am also worried that it is
looking less and less like Hillary Clinton is the most viable Democratic
candidate among Democrats. We had better hope that if Bernie Sanders and the
fans of revolution get the nomination that they can actually carry the day.
Will the word “socialism” be used as a club to beat Bernie up and will the
majority of American voters come to his defense?
I refuse to give up on Hillary yet. We wait, we listen, we
watch, we express our thoughts – but we won’t know until we know.
By Nancy Brisson

Hillary and the Media – and Bill…

The media seems to salivate every time the Clinton
finances are attacked. The most recent tidbit reveals how much money the
Clinton’s earned from speaking engagements between January and May (25 million
dollars). They act like Bill and Hillary are con artists forcing people to turn
out their pockets just to listen to charismatic charlatans for forty-five
minutes to an hour.
I would think that perhaps people are willing to pay
such large amounts as $250,000 per speech because they want to contribute to the
good work being done by The Clinton Foundation and The Clinton Global
Initiative. And there is the political celebrity status conferred on these two
by holding top posts in our government like President and First Lady and
Secretary of State.
Lots of politicians (mostly Republicans) and media
people are offering up a silent and not so silent delight that we will soon be
able to prove that the Clintons are guilty of that powerful leveler of
political careers, “corruption”. The rest of us “everyday” folks out here think
that it is almost impossible to participate in politics today without being
corrupt. We will only be impressed with corruption on a very grand scale. We
expect that our politicians will find ways to make public service pay. We don’t
love the idea, but we feel helpless to change this dynamic.
People understand that there could be a conflict of
interest here: it is possible that large donations given by foreign governments
and by media figures like George Stephanopoulos could lead the donors to believe
that favors might be forthcoming if we elect Hillary as our President in 2016.
However giving to a charity that tries to mitigate misery around the globe does
not seem like the usual road to a quid pro quo.
Hillary and the media have a sort of come here – go
away kind of relationship. The press likes to expose the soft underbelly of
candidates for public office, Hillary included. However, once you show emotion
(fear, resentment) some in the press “smell blood” and like to go in for the
kill. Hillary feels that she must exercise caution when reporters are present.
We also accept that since she is running for President she cannot avoid the
media. News people complain that she seems overly formal and gives off an edgy,
annoyed air when confronted with questions which seems accusatory.
While it is true that the press is intrusive and
operates without filters, we are all hoping that Hillary gets a bit more
comfortable around the media and that she is able to hide the defensiveness she
currently reveals. I do not mind if she avoids situations which inspire a
feeding frenzy in the media. And as for the press, they could stop being so thrilled
by the shots candidates lob at each other, especially when they are aware that
what they are repeating are rumors that have not been and never may be proven
to be facts.
We have never before had a Presidential candidate
with a partner who is an ex-President and who heads a charitable foundation.
Unless this charity is simply a way to bilk donors of their money so it can
fatten the personal bank accounts of the Clintons, it would seem that we need
to cut them a little slack here.

I believe there is evidence that this foundation
takes on real projects both at home and abroad to lift up people in need. I
also tend to doubt that there is any criminal activity here worthy of
Republican glee. All these allegations will do is force Bill Clinton to stop
doing good things out in the world if he wants his wife to win the Presidency.
And that will be a true loss for all who currently benefit from The Clinton Foundation
and its programs.
This is the view from the cheap seats.
By Nancy Brisson