My Digital Christmas in Paris

Last, but not least I will play out my fantasy of Christmas
in Paris, digitally of course, because it is the only way I can afford to go to
Paris this Christmas. In Paris I think I would wander the streets and soak up
the ambience, the sights and the scents. Of course Paris would be decked out in
its finest for the holidays and so the City of Lights would be even brighter than usual. I would wander by the Eiffel Tower because it is sure to be
beautifully decorated. The Arc de Triomphe will also look lovely bien sur. Paris is an old city with a
patina of romance and style and deliciousness. Some of the restaurants would
have to be sampled. I don’t imagine that I would be able to afford most of the
shopping in Paris, but if there are any flea markets in winter I would like to
visit them and find a few treasures to take home with me. I must also stop by
as many patisseries as I can fit into my visit. How do you say twinkle lights
in French? I don’t know, but I do know that Paris does have a love affair with
the twinkle lights so it will sparkle. Joyeux
Next year Rome.

My Digital Christmas in New York

Maybe Christmas in New York City would be lovely. Christmas
in New York City would not be a lazy Christmas though. My fantasy of a New York
City Christmas would require lots of money so I could shop to my heart’s
content and see shows and concerts and museum exhibits. Everywhere I walked I
would expect to see my beloved twinkle lights in great profusion and many other
creative light displays. Elegance would be welcome also because I would expect
to see the work of decorators in New York City who are employed for their
tasteful talents. Eating out would also be a part of the wonderful experience
of a NYC Christmas. I’m not sure if Hurricane Sandy has placed limitations on
both the spirit and the extravagance of the Christmas displays in NYC this
year, but I am certain there is still plenty of that traditional sparkle which
we expect from the Big Apple.

My Digital Tropical Christmas

One of several of my Christmas fantasies is that I find myself in a villa on a tropical island. I can look right out the open doors past my patio and there is a perfect sandy beach, a blue sky and a bluer ocean. The air is soft and moist and warm without being hot and a delightful breeze cools me wherever I go. I don’t have to go anywhere if I don’t want to. They will bring anything to my room. When I want to go out there are lazy places to go where I can go in my bare feet. I can sit all day in a sand chair with my feet in tropical water. Maybe some little fish will bite my toes. I might spend some time in a hammock. I might spend some time in a Tiki bar. What does the tropics look like at Christmas? What is the best tropical locale to visit at Christmas time? Someday I will find out. In the meantime the internet will take me there. Ah, twinkle lights in paradise!





My Twinkle Lights and My Spirea, Winter, 2012

Twinkle lights are one of mankind’s greatest inventions. They’re pretty and they’re cheap. They brighten up the dark nights when we have just gone into Daylight Savings Time, that weird American anachronism that makes it dark by 5 pm. I guess we continue it, even though it was once intended for farmers, because it makes it lighter for the morning commute and for the children standing on the bus stops all over America waiting to be driven off to school. Twinkle lights, for the most part, appear at Christmas time and are gone sometime after New Year’s Day. A restaurant or a shop may display twinkle lights year round but a village is also limited to Christmas time. I live near a winter attraction called Lights On the Lake which displays millions of twinkle lights gone wrong. They are in tubes and are wired to frames. They are used to light up Disney-esque displays usually with a holiday theme. These kinds of tamed twinkle light displays are not as pretty as twinkle lights in a tree or decorating a house. Kids love them and they appear to be animated as the lights move across the road that runs through the display. They are marvels of engineering or mechanics, but too cartoonish to qualify as pretty.

My own twinkle light display this year is very simple. My old farm house does not provide outdoor electrical outlets so I have to push a cord out of the mail slot on the front porch. This makes my own light display very limited but for what it’s worth, here is a very bad photo of my lights. I will also include a photo of my spirea bushes with their dainty leaves dusted with the first snowfall of the season. I may be obsessed with spirea bushes and twinkle lights but everyone needs a fairly innocent obsession.