Three Big Issues

0540Image by jasonpearce via FlickrOf the three big issues America faces right now: gay marriage, immigration and the economy, the only one I feel strongly about is the economy because it affects me personally, as it does every American. The others I have more theoretical feelings about. I believe that, as Americans we have an obligation, a humanitarian duty to be true to our ideals.

If one gay partner is ill in the hospital, for example, the rules require that they be passed over sometimes, because the rules favor “family”. This partner may be, to all intents and purposes the spouse of the patient, but may not be legally family, and may therefore be denied access to information about their partner. What about when a gay couple has children. If the parents are not considered legal partners, how does this affect the children? The American way would seem to back gay marriage. Most arguments against this are religious. Our America guarantees religious freedom.

Immigration – a huge issue right now in tough economic times when competition for jobs is already fierce. I don’t think we had a lot of rules about immigration at first. Regulations were added as our own population swelled. Obviously everyone can’t immigrate. The earth would probably tip on its axis if everyone flooded to North America. Everyone, fortunately would not even want to. So we have rules for immigration. We have quotas etc. and we should enforce them. If we can’t then we should come up with a new plan. It is clear we have “hostile” immigrants, people who are here to take advantage of America’s resources, but who hate America. We could do without these immigrants. While there is a tradition that America furnishes the hopeless with opportunities to succeed we are woefully short on such opportunities. At present Americans feel bad when someone brand new to America is doing better than they are.

Everything points to getting even tougher on new immigration. But when we come to immigrants already here, we are back at the “great divide”, which may not be necessarily a partisan divide.

All I have to say about the economy is “do something smart and do something fast.” Or, (speaking to the cosmos), send us a new Einstein!

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