TPP – Today the Negatives – Tomorrow the Positives

Many of the people who wanted to make a negative point
about the TransPacific Partnership, the newest trade agreement that is being
negotiated among twelve Pacific rim nations, use that favorite instrument of
commentary, the political cartoon. Sarcasm seasoned with a touch of humor is
like that sugar that makes the bitter medicine go down I guess. Sometimes it is
true that a picture is worth a thousand words, but not if you want an in depth
look at an issue. This post will go over some of the negative graphics that are
out there in the universe of the internet. My next post will go over some of
the articles written by people who favor words and will take on the positives
of this trade agreement.
People are very upset about the seeming lack of
transparency given the secrecy of this agreement and they are concerned about
the fast track feature in Congress that tries to work around amendments and
rewrites which would/could drastically slow down any approval and send the twelve
nations back to the drawing board or perhaps lead them to vacate the agreement.


From flushthetpp,org
From Doctor Without Borders
Compiled with introduction by Nancy Brisson´╗┐

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