Turning Right

I was reading in the New Yorker the other day that Clarence Thomas exerts a powerful Conservative influence over the Supreme Court even though he rarely speaks. Apparently his wife Patty and he are a Tea Party team and they are winning as the Court slides ever closer to the extreme right end of the political continuum.
What this makes me believe is that the deadlocked split we currently have in the Congress will not end when our Congress people come back in September. The GOP has decided that this is their moment. They are going for the jugular vein of America. They believe they are absolutely “right” in their “small government” view of America and will lead those of us who are “deluded” to the truth. We will, perhaps, recognize the new America if we go back to the Puritans; Jonathan Edwards (the minister, not the psychic), Increase and Cotton Mather, the Salem Witch Hunts.
The worst part is we knew America required “change” but here are the very foxes who robbed the chicken coop and now they want to remodel the farm. If the design of the farm (the laws) favors them now – it will be even more skewed when they are done. Not only will we have “small government” but, with this change in the size of government come some other things that tag along as a sort of silent agenda. If we “turn right” abortion will be illegal, there will be only private healthcare, there will be no social security and your children will learn “creationism” in school. Will we become a fundamentalist religious society? I think so. These guys offer up a package deal that is about way more than just “small government”. Could they lead the whole globe into religious wars? It’s vaguely possible.
This whole view of America is so opposite to what I hoped we would come up with, although it does make some valid points about our economy. If compromise were possible I think America could find a path that would not please anyone completely, but would please all of us to an acceptable degree. If this large right wing of our government has signed pledges that say they will not negotiate, how will America find its center? How come there is a wall of silence whenever these pledges are discussed? How do our officials on the left or center feel about this issue of pledges? Can we stop this new trend by making the signing of pledges illegal; if so, how?
What makes me so nervous is that compromise seems to have been ruled out and enough people will be persuaded to vote for these extremists and that then we will go there, to the there to which I do not want to go. If we do I don’t think I will ever understand why; except someone, I think it was Edward Albee, once said, “sometimes you have to go a long ways out of your way to come back a short distance correctly.”

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