Unmanned Drones

Unmanned drones have very obvious advantages. We can see our enemy but they don’t know we’re watching. Drones can cover rough terrain where we can’t go physically without great risk to the lives of our soldiers. They can target and kill small groups (of people) with great accuracy.

We can all, I think, see the dangers of this kind of technology. We know it changes war by depersonalizing it. We all saw Star Wars. Soldiers do not meet face to face. There is no warning. An attack comes as, literally, a bolt from the blue. We know drone pilots can pinpoint a group of people, but we also know they can not differentiate between civilians and combatants. We can all agree that one day everyone will have this technology and then the “enemy” of the moment could be hovering over our own neighborhood to drop a bomb on us at anytime. Our relatively impregnable status – gone. Even though this technology seems so helpful to us now shouldn’t we just bury it, develop military amnesia, ban it. I guess this is just the beginning of robot armies and the total annihilation of humankind from the face of the earth. We never backtrack. You can’t really un-invent something.

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