Weather Girl

Marestail shows moisture at high altitude, sig...Image via WikipediaI am a weather girl. I love to watch the weather on TV with all those triple Doppler arms making slow circles over different parts of the map. In their wake appear blotches or blossoms of storm cells – green, yellow, orange, hopefully not red. Or maybe the lazy arms reveal nothing. All clear for a beautiful day.

I love digital TV because they have stations where you can watch the Doppler arms all day, see the weather come into being over and over again.

I also like to watch weather the old-fashion way, by day or by night. I love to watch the clouds which sometimes move very fast and sometimes hardly seem to move at all. The night sky is also wonderful, although we can’t see very many stars with all our man-made light. Sometimes there is a ring around the moon, sometimes the moon is huge. What does it all portend? The old farmers used to know. All I remember is “red sky at night, sailors delight; red sky in the morning, sailors take warning. Fortunately “in my neck of the woods” (a term used by a famous weather man who we all know) we rarely get severe weather, although we do get inundated with snow. What will the weather be like today? This summer, it’s “old school”: hazy, hot and humid. Yum.

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