Welcome to The Arm Chair Observer

The Armchair Observer began when American politics caught my attention as more than just news. I became concerned that the roots of our democracy/republic were being destroyed and that one party, the Republican Party was suddenly determined to have its way at any cost. My blog begins in 2010, although I exported a few posts from a previous blog platform that no longer exists which go back as far as 2008. So in case anyone wants to look backward, here is some documentation of the past decade of our politics. I also decided to write about books as I read them, and occasionally, events from my life.





Mark Zuckerberg and Big Brother

Mark Zuckerberg and Big Brother Mark Zuckerberg and Big Brother Facebook allowed bots from Russia, and fake accounts that originated in Russia to post fake ads to Facebook to try to sway the 2016 election. Zuckerberg, et al were into a head space where free means free and anyone gets to speak on Facebook. And I suppose it is actually [more]

His Contempt, Our Shame: Beef Up the Constitution

His Contempt, Our Shame: Beef Up the Constitution Congress holds the purse strings. Can the president go outside of Congress to fund his projects? Can a president take money from items already budgeted to other government departments or agencies. What if Congress says no it will not give him money to build a wall even when he claims it is a national emergency, [more]

When Winning Means Losing Blame Republicans

When Winning Means Losing Blame Republicans The Republican Party sold itself lock, stock, and barrel to the corporations and to the Americans who used the corporate system to become the small class of billionaires who now hoard the largest share of American wealth. Perhaps the GOP got nervous when they saw the factories leaving and sheltering profits [more]

September 2019 Book List

September 2019 Book List My September booklist is a bit late this month. No apologies because I am into reading Frederick Douglas: Prophet of Freedom by David W. Blight and, although it is not at all difficult to read, it is long and I have not had as much time to read (because I subscribed to Netflix, very naughty). I have been tempted [more]

Hardhearted Us (US)

Hardhearted Us (US) We watch. We witness. And what we see is an endless stream of behaviors which offend the senses, that certainly change America’s role in the world. We have hardly forgotten Trump’s treatment of Puerto Ricans when their nation was leveled by  Hurricane Maria. He fought very publicly with the mayor of San [more]

Trumping China

Trumping China About China and Trump Trump’s idea, apparently, is to weaken the Chinese economy until China adopts fairer business practices or until the Chinese economy fails. He believes his tariffs will force China into a less aggressive stance on the world stage. Despite Trump’s failures he still thinks he is a [more]

Stephen Miller's OCD/White Nationalist World View

Stephen Miller's OCD/White Nationalist World View Stephen Miller, who I’m sorry to say made my brain scream ‘brown shirt’ when I first set eyes on him, ended up proving soon enough that I was not so far off the mark. On Sunday 8.18.2019 Miller spoke on at least one talk show. It is Stephen Miller’s stated theory that people are happier with their own [more]

Fall by Neal Stephenson - Book

Fall by Neal Stephenson - Book When Neal Stephenson takes on a subject he does not fool around, or he does but with purpose. In Fall, Neal Stephenson takes on the small topics of our times like how to fix the internet, immortality, artificial intelligence, and the Singularity. He even gets in a prolonged jab at modern American culture when he [more]