Welcome to The Arm Chair Observer

The Armchair Observer began when American politics caught my attention as more than just news. I became concerned that the roots of our democracy/republic were being destroyed and that one party, the Republican Party was suddenly determined to have its way at any cost. My blog begins in 2010, although I exported a few posts from a previous blog platform that no longer exists which go back as far as 2008. So in case anyone wants to look backward, here is some documentation of the past decade of our politics. I also decided to write about books as I read them, and occasionally, events from my life.





Grassroots Campaigns: Restoring Democracy

Grassroots Campaigns: Restoring Democracy Everyone tends to scoff at the idea of a grassroots campaign, at least at the federal level. After all, ‘corporations are people’. Money is speech. Unlimited money can be poured into elections. Huge financial entities have the same rights as individuals. Many big donations can be anonymous. Sounds like [more]

March 2019 Book List

March 2019 Book List March 2019 Book List I slipped and fell on my icy driveway, and after just getting a manicure too (which I rarely indulge in). My productivity declined in a fog of muscle relaxers that were a bit too mild for the job for the three weeks it took for my back to recover. When your body fails you, however temporarily, [more]

Bad President? - Graphic Testimony

Bad President? - Graphic Testimony When during his campaign a President calls on Russia to find his opponent's emails. https://youtu.be/-b71f2eYdTc When he hires a campaign manager with connections with a pro-Russian Ukrainian leader and a history of overspending requiring foreign loans and a penchant for activities which seemed to involve [more]

Annie Leibovitz, President Maker

Annie Leibovitz, President Maker The photographs that Annie Leibovitz took for the Vanity Fair article on Beto O’Rourke make him look like such a quintessential American that they bring to mind a president as authentic as Abraham Lincoln. They are archetypal, especially the one of Beto with his family and the photo in his vehicle tooling [more]

The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker - Book

The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker - Book The Dreamers by Karen Thomas Walker is a story of a viral outbreak, think ebola, only without bodily fluids. This virus hits a small college in the middle of nowhere, a tiny town, one road in-one road out. Where did the virus originate? Some said a strange haze moved through their college town one day. The town [more]

There, There by Tommy Orange - Book

There, There by Tommy Orange - Book The acclaim There, Thereby Tommy Orange has earned is well deserved. I would think that there is nothing quite like it in the catalogue of the literature of indigenous people. There have been successful books, both fiction and nonfiction, by Native Americans, but this has a very modern sensibility and [more]

Churchill on Brexit, the EU, Immigration, Diversity, and more

Churchill on Brexit, the EU, Immigration, Diversity, and more Winston Churchill was 90 by the mid-sixties, but he was born at the end of the 19 th century, the Victorian Age. Since he played such a prominent role on the world stage his positions on important issues affected decisions made in concert with other world leaders and set the world on pathways that reflected the [more]

Fox and Dems

Fox and Dems There is a lot of talk in the media about why the Dems turned down an offer to hold one of their primary debates on Fox News. It seems relatively uncontroversial to me. After all, Fox New is not really a news channel now is it? However, apparently during daytime broadcast hours there are a few actual journalists, [more]