Welcome to The Arm Chair Observer

The Armchair Observer began when American politics caught my attention as more than just news. I became concerned that the roots of our democracy/republic were being destroyed and that one party, the Republican Party was suddenly determined to have its way at any cost. My blog begins in 2010, although I exported a few posts from a previous blog platform that no longer exists which go back as far as 2008. So in case anyone wants to look backward, here is some documentation of the past decade of our politics. I also decided to write about books as I read them, and occasionally, events from my life.





Dear Trumpers,

Dear Trumpers, Dear Trumpers, I wish I could get through to you. I wish I could understand why you don’t see the “wrongness” of Donald Trump, why you can’t see that the way he behaves is selfish and un-American and that he should be removed from his place of honor as the 45 th President of the United States of [more]

Keep Impeaching

Keep Impeaching Keep Impeaching! Unbelievable! The President of the United States of America, our resident con man is trying to micromanage his own impeachment. He wants to call the shots even as he raises a dust storm of distractions and resorts to all his usual tricks. The whole thing is a scam he has the Republicans [more]

November 2019 Book List

November 2019 Book List November 2019 Book List I have a recurring dream. I am escorted to a well-appointed studio apartment with all the new books for the month piled on every available surface. I am given a key, a valet robot who can cook and clean, and an AI virtual presence to handle my business and social interactions. I can [more]

The Dutch House by Ann Patchett - Book

The Dutch House by Ann Patchett - Book The Dutch House by Ann Patchett is a study of a family, an American family. It is a story told by the second child, a boy named Danny. It’s a story about a clueless father and husband who buys his wife a house, a famous house, built with much attention to detail by a wealthy family, the VanHoebeeks,. The [more]

Do Numbers Count?: Russia/Ukraine/Trump

Do Numbers Count?: Russia/Ukraine/Trump Do Numbers Count? We did not have, until now, any way to connect our president, Donald J Trump to any actual criminal conduct in either Russia or Ukraine. We had no concrete proof of high crimes and misdemeanors. The House of Representatives would not have voted to hold a formal impeachment inquiry without [more]

Bringing Down An Elephant with a Mouse

Bringing Down An Elephant with a Mouse Elephants are Afraid of Mice: The Impeachment of Donald Trump The newest Republican/Trump argument about impeachment is that the charge is so narrow and small that it cannot possibly serve as the basis for impeachment. The president insists that he did not do anything wrong when he spoke to the new president [more]

Mixed Emotions/Trump/al-Baghdadi

Mixed Emotions/Trump/al-Baghdadi Mixed Emotions/Trump/al-Baghdadi It is a day of mixed emotions for me. This is the day after our troops flew into northeast Syria in 8 helicopters (so the story goes) and killed the current leader of the ISIS terrorist group, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. So that is good news. But with the possibility that thousands [more]

Being Nice to Dictators

Being Nice to Dictators Being Nice to Dictators This is what American foreign policy has come to. We give dictators whatever they want in order to keep the peace and to keep migrants from flooding Europe and by extension, eventually, America (and for oil). Today Trump announced that he will end the sanctions against Turkey in [more]