Who’s Responsible, Talk Radio or Fox News?

Why does Paul Ryan’s opinion about the national
budget still interest anyone? By the way, how many of you realize that Paul
Ryan was born into a wealthy family and has never had to struggle to build a
comfortable life.
How could an exceedingly average and rather wimpy
guy like Scott Walker end up appealing to anyone? He did not grow up wealthy
but he is willing to do the bidding of the plutocratic overlords. He’s the
worst kind of enforcer. He is somewhat quiet and workmanlike as he sets about
dismantling our Democracy. He can be counted on to carry out the orders of
those who pay big bucks to buy elections and who allow this petite bourgeois guy
to trample all over the Americans in Wisconsin. He has sedulously applied and
continues to push the Republican agenda. He busted the unions. He is planning
to implement strict voter ID laws hoping to limit voting to the “right” sorts
of people. He is gradually forcing schools to privatize by cutting public
education budgets. This is the Republican plan for all of America. It’s the
test case. Pay attention. America will be unrecognizable.
It is clear that Scott Walker gets a great deal of
pleasure exerting power over others and the more his policies hurt the better.
Both Paul Ryan and Scott Walker seem to have a smirk lurking behind the serious
and judgmental faces they present in public. Scott Walker is a calmly vicious
guy (and he also has a temper).
Leaving aside all of the other Republicans who are
salivating over being the anointed one who will finally bring the Republican
talking points to full and creepy Venus flytrap – like flower, why would we
elect Scott Walker? Why do we want to do this to America? It’s like we’re all
in that movie Fifty Shades of Grey, which I have heard turned out well for
those unusual lovers, but would not, I think, impress us as much if our
government decided to go the dominance/submissive route. Guess who would get to
be the submissives? They say it is hard to tell if life imitates literature or
literature copies life and that would certainly be the case here. However I say
that the coexistence of this book and Republican extremism could not be purely coincidental.
I read an article the other day (link below) that
gives Fox News all of the credit for turning ordinary Americans into champions
of corporations and millionaires. This author downplayed the influence of Talk
Radio. And if you take a picture of the propaganda mill at this moment, Fox
News is more effective at firing up the troops. They convince your neighbors
and mine that they, as white Americans, as true patriots (capital P), are being
shafted by people of color and immigrants and poor people who are hogging all
the taxes sent to Washington by hardworking (white) people. They are sort of
promising people that they will keep these “taker” groups down and that the
corporations and the wealthy will look out for white, Christian,
English-speaking Americans. I have known these factory workers all of my life
and the fact they give these puppets in suits the time of day proves they were
demoralized by job losses and then hypnotized by the talkers on the right.
Fox News could never be as blatant in this campaign
as Talk Radio once was but they don’t have to be. Talk Radio hosts provided the
groundwork. Even before Obama was elected and through much of at least his
first term Talk Radio was whispering hateful nonsense and ego-building crap
into the minds of all those American men and women who worked so hard for a
living. Sadly these folks have been thoroughly brain-washed and now appear to be ready
for the likes of Paul Ryan and Scott Walker, et al.

Saints preserve us! (Isn’t that what people used to
say, our Catholic neighbors at least.) I
say let’s make a plea for help to anyone who might listen to those of us who
rely on others to hold the reins of power. Didn’t the Saints always help the
By Nancy Brisson

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