I love words. It doesn’t matter if they describe ideas or things or even people. Sometimes it is just the sound of them. Sometimes it’s what they stand for. It’s intangible and so enjoyable that I can’t help starting a list:

theodolite, string theory, chaos theory, chiaroscuro, onomatopoetic, giddy, kaleidoscope, hubris, organdy, tulle, damask, osmosis, abattoir, hideous, deliquescence, Abyssinian, acacia, ad infinitum, affluent, aflutter, anthropomorphic, mirepoix, mise en place, burgundy, aubergine, azure, charcoal,elegant, tectonics, bedrock, sweetheart, bizarre, diaphanous, glitter, cous cous, seraglio, souk, symphonic, concerto, cantata, Chantilly, inertia, tapestry, forest, aviary, tranquil, momentum, rhythmic, apiary, darling, hiccup, diamonds, thyme, spiky, stiletto, cachet, deep, craggy, magenta, ruby, pearly, skitter, Michelangelo, Chopin, tumult, glowing, pandemonium, stellar, grid, plane, spatula, equation, golden, lemony, satin, melodic, tempestuous, tsunami, divinity, sacred, glamour, spicy, serene, honey

I could go on and on, but I won’t. The list is personal. You probably need to start your own. I hope all your favorite words aren’t of the Anglo Saxon variety, but there’s a certain strength in that and it’s not my call to make.

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