The Zombie Masters – Perhaps Not a Fantasy

The Republican Party may be in decline but Conservatives are very well organized. They have been waging a concerted campaign against Obama and against the Democratic Party which did not end when they lost the Presidency in 2008 and has continued unabated.
The pledges Republicans signed, especially the Grover Norquist “no tax increases” pledge, are apparently just the tip of the iceberg. The propaganda wars on Fox and other Conservative media were extremely effective and basically gave us the Tea Party.
The media has already acknowledged that Conservatives have tried to make it more difficult, where possible, for certain blocs of voters who usually vote Democrat to vote.
Now we learn that the groups who we already know from GOP campaign ads are acting something like “the little grey men” in Taylor Caldwell’s The Captains and the Kings. They have been behind the scenes using their decades of political experience to man what amounts to a “war council”. The fact that they are so organized, so rich, and so influential should be enough to awaken fear in the hearts of the rest of us. These are the “puppet masters” of the zombie army. We did not elect them but they pull the strings and may be brainwashing us to elect the zombies. The Democrats don’t seem to have anything like these efficient and effective strategists who, in spite of their ostensibly dispassionate interest, seem to be winning.
It is possible to imagine that their planning includes the passage of the Citizens United Decision by the Supreme Court last year, although this may just be paranoia. According to Nicholas Confessore writing in the NYT on October 29, 2011, “[a]t a time when the Republican National Committee remains weighed down by debt, outside conservative groups are playing an ever larger role and operating in an increasingly coordinated fashion.” This new law allows these conservative groups to make unlimited contributions to the Republican race, says Mr. Confessore. If they go through not-for-profits they can contribute anonymously.
He names the groups:
·         American Crossroads –founded by Karl Rove
·         The Republican Governor’s Association
·         The American Action Network
·         Americans for Prosperity backed by the billionaire Koch brothers
Mr. Confessore sums up saying, “[f]or the most part, the new groups are focused on the same broad goals, winning the White House and full control of Congress.”
When it comes to strategy the Democrats seem woefully idealistic and/or clueless. In spite of all this very coordinated opposition and their lack of cohesiveness and strategy the Democrats expect to win. In truth, I believe we should elect the non-zombies. I don’t like to think that shadowy power groups are manipulating what is supposed to be our government. They may not be truly evil but if they are steering the direction our government is taking they are a danger to our democracy. However, unless the Democrats  organize and get some kind of war council of their own I am very worried that we will suddenly be living in a very different America, and that we may have a hard time banishing the “new” America if we don’t like it.

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